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Jun 13, 2023

Story trailer for Max Payne-a-like in El Paso, Elsewhere released

From Press Release:

Get a taste of El Paso hospitality with the Story Trailer for the upcoming neo-noir shooter El Paso, Elsewhere. Djedefre, the resurrected son of Khufu, welcomes you to El Paso with open arms and malice in this delightfully dark shooter from one of the most exciting independent creators in gaming today.

As your past chases you through the many twisting floors of the motel in El Paso, Elsewhere, so will Djedefre. All-new footage of enemies and environments await in today’s story trailer – check a look below.

Descending through the winding hallways of an unremarkable motel in El Paso, Texas, players will hunt the ex-girlfriend of James Savage, Draculae, the lord of the vampires. Shooting, stabbing and careening through the hordes of monstrous creatures in between him and his target, our hero will confront his own memories of this bittersweet, painful relationship and the unfortunate turn of events that brought him to this pit of hell in Texas.

El Paso Elsewhere is set to release on Xbox and PC this Fall. Keep up with the creatures from El Paso, Elsewhere by following Strange Scaffold on Twitter @StrangeScaffold and wishlist here: