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Jun 15, 2023

Deep Rock Galactic begins Season 04: Critical Corruption today

From Press Release:

Rock and Stone! Deep Rock Galactic Season 04: Critical Corruption is available today on Steam. Below you can find a summary of the announcement:

Season 04: Critical Corruption ups the ante as the evolving Rockpox plague spreads across Hoxxes IV.

  • Rockpox on the Rampage
    • The scourge from Season 03 continues into Season 04 with a new in-game event. Players will need to target the Lithophage Corruptor with company-issued Cleansing Equipment to stop the spread and destroy its core.
  • The Return of the Performance Pass
    • Deep Rock Galactic’s proprietary free performance pass makes a return to Season 04: Critical Corruption packed with 100 levels to unlock.
  • Season 04’s New Opponents
    • New challenges await in the mines as players encounter infected variants like Mactera Bombers and Naedocyte Breeders. Additional enemies emerge with two new types of Glyphids to encounter and destroy: the Glyphid Stingtail and Glyphid Septic Spreader.
  • Jet Set Dwarves
    • Jet boots can be found in crates down in the caves and equipped to give dwarves the power of flight.
  • Suns Out, Guns Out
    • Just in time for the lovely summer weather comes a toggle option for sleeveless armour on all owned sets. As if that wasn’t enough, the Abyss Bar is now serving ice-cold, refreshing Randoweisser beer – which puts on the beer goggles of personal styling.
  • Decontaminate in Style with new DLC
    • This season welcomes a new Weapons Framework DLC, called the Decontaminator Pack. Included comes a set of full mesh reskins for all weapons in the game, alongside a few themed paint jobs.

On top of this, the launch of Deep Rock Galactic Season 04 on Steam also welcomes plenty of weapon balance tweaks.

For any greenbeards (read: newbies to the game), Deep Rock Galactic is a multi-award winning co-op shooter that welcomes players to a mining corporation on the lucrative but dangerous planet of Hoxxes IV. Operating as one of four classes, which span Driller, Scout, Engineer and Gunner, players will have to excavate treacherous caverns to retrieve valuable minerals and gems – whilst fighting off deadly enemies and meeting company deadlines.

Console players can get in on the action from next week, 22 June when Season 04: Critical Corruption hits Xbox and PlayStation.