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Jun 21, 2023

Early Access begins for the MMO adventure with Age of Water

From Press Release:

Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales studio are pleased to announce the second phase of the closed beta test for the online adventure game Age of Water, set in a post-apocalyptic aquatic world. To be guaranteed taking part in the test, you can buy one of the early access kits. Also, some of the players that applied for the free trial on the official site, will be invited to the test.

Age of Water is the story of a motorboat captain, who explores the expanse of a completely flooded Earth of the future. People are huddled in settlements built on what remains above water – like the tops of skyscrapers. The Captain excavates artifacts of a lost civilization from the bottom of the sea, fights pirates, earns money by trading goods, completes  story missions and challenges other players in PvP battles and goes on missions with friends. The resources gained can be used to modify the boat or buy a brand new hull, as well as build your own hideout.

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This Age of Water Version, prepared for the second stage of the CBT, was built according to results from feedback in the first stage of the test and offers new content – for example, an attack on caravans and, conversely, the protection of the caravan from pirates in PvP mode. The Premium and Elite Early Access Packs include unique Barracuda Team boats replacing the four regular starting boats, while the Elite Pack also includes three Barracuda Team members to replace regular sailors. All Early Access Packs also contain in-game currency to make it easier to get started in the game. In the event of progress wipeout at game release, all Early Access Pack owners will start with exactly the same amount of currency.

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You can purchase Early Access Packs and apply to participate in the test on the official Age of Water website.

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