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Jun 23, 2023

Nimbus INFINITY, the aerial mech combat sequel to Project Nimbus is now out on Steam

From Press Release:

Tokyo, Japan, June 22, 2023 — Japanese publisher GameTomo and GameCrafterTeam developer have announced that Nimbus INFINITY, the long-awaited sequel to beloved Japanese indie mech title Project Nimbus, is now available on PC via Steam for $14.99/£11.39. After over a year of meticulous refinement based on valuable player feedback, Nimbus INFINITY has exited Early Access with missions and never-before-seen content bound to keep experienced pilots and new recruits alike glued to their cockpits. Soar across a war-torn Earth with a customizable mechanical Battle Frame, engage in intense and explosive firefights between the clouds, and admire the breathtaking vistas beneath your roaring engines.

In Nimbus INFINITY, humanity has been split apart. One half of mankind has migrated to space colonies nestled among the stars. The other half remains on Earth, governed by the authoritarian central CFN government. Battle Frame technology has fallen into disuse as elite pilots with the ability to form neural links with the mechs have vanished. As a result, Earth’s people must resort to wars of brute force and attrition to stake their survival. However, on the eve of the year 2100, a young man named Taiyo notices a bright light streak across the sky. Little does he know that the future of humanity once again hangs in the balance.

Form a neural link with a Battle Frame and outfit it with unique weapon loadouts comprising a variety of weapon types such as handguns, rifles, missiles, and cannons, and add defensive features like decoys and camo for unexpected countermeasures. Make split-second decisions against an assortment of enemy types and ace the mission with precision and accuracy.

When the aerial firefights are over, fly across the skies with lively cities, colonies on the edge of space, vast asteroid fields, missile launch sites and more.

“Nimbus INFINITY is the culmination of our team’s hard work and the incredible support we received from our dedicated community during the game’s Early Access phase,” said Pawee Pakamekanon, the creator of the Project Nimbus series. “We’ve poured our hearts into crafting an experience that not only pays homage to the original game but also pushes the boundaries of what players can expect from a mech title. We can’t wait to see players dive into the world of Nimbus INFINITY and forge their own mech legends.”

Nimbus INFINITY Key Features

Fast Action Mecha Combat
A variety of enemy types and bosses require high-flying fighting skill and split-second decision-making. Choose your combat stance and the best weapon for the job, but keep in mind that missiles, guns or melee maneuvers won’t matter if the ace pilot chokes under pressure!

An Epic Space Saga
Play as Taiyo, a young delivery boy who is taken to the stars by a chance meeting with a fallen Battle Frame and its pilot, Luna. Fight across Earth and into the stars to save the universe from destruction.

Customize Your Battle Frame
Play as the new Battle Frame Warspite and customize loadouts from a wide variety of weapons and armaments such as handguns, rifles, missiles, cannons, and more.

Endless Waves of Enemies
Challenge endless waves of enemy in special Survival Mode.

New Missions, New Characters, New Bosses and Old Friends
The launch features a new boss fight and new missions on top of everything added since Early Access last year. Nimbus INFINITY features all that mech-lovers have come to enjoy, from high flying space missions, to deadly boss fights, to sweeping manga-style story chapters, to new villains and old friends making their next appearance.

Nimbus INFINITY is available now on PC via Steam for $14.99/£11.39. For more information, please visit –

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