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Jun 28, 2023

DAVE THE DIVER, the adventure and tycoon RPG exits Steam Early Access for 1.0 release today

From Press Release:

June 28th, 2023 – SEOUL, South Korea — The day has come to take the plunge! MINTROCKET is proud to share that the studio’s debut game, Dave the Diver, is officially available now on PC. In celebration of the momentous launch, Dave the Diver is available for 10% off and the dev team is keeping the sale running throughout this year’s Steam Summer Sale!

With over 11,600 reviews on Steam earning an OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE score, the full version of the hybrid deep-sea adventure takes the 3 chapters players enjoyed in Early Access up to 7 full and exciting chapters. To put that into perspective, the Early Access build featured only 40% of the full Dave the Diver experience, which comes to approximately 25 hours of gameplay in full.

Players who have been waiting to play the full game can expect a robust single-player adventure that offers up two distinct flavors of gameplay. As you dive into the ocean during the day and sell sushi made from the fresh ingredients you gathered at night, you’ll play through an intriguing story that features a variety of biomes to explore, bosses to face, fish to capture and serve, and mini-games that add some additional spice to the addictive gameplay loop. Even if you’ve sampled Dave the Diver’s wondrous slice of adventure in Early Access, there are many new things to experience.

The MINTROCKET team is not raising the price of the game at launch. Those who want to dive deeper into the charms of Dave the Diver can also check out the Deluxe Edition bundle. To celebrate Dave the Diver’s release, the team put together a pack that includes the soundtrack, a digital artbook featuring concept art, sketches, and illustrations of the game, and an in-game item that allows customization of the boat with 4 different skins. Anyone who has already purchased the game can buy the digital DLC extra pack separately and the Deluxe Edition is discounted 10% from the base game price.

Game Features:

  • Multiple Language Support – French and Portuguese have been added to the language options alongside English, Korean, Spanish, German, Japanese, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese.
  • Verified on Steam Deck – Players who want to take Dave the Diver can do so with the game fully optimized for play on Valve’s dynamic handheld.
  • Deep-Sea Diving – Explore the Blue Hole and gather fish and other ingredients as you explore a variety of biomes with a matching variety of threats…
  • Seafood Tycoon – At night, take your haul to the seaside restaurant and prepare exotic sushi and drinks for guests!
  • The Mystery of the Deep – Use the money earned to get better gear for Dave, and dive deeper, gather rarer ingredients, take on more dangerous and exotic fish, and further unravel the puzzle of this vast ocean.
  • And more! Part of the fun is uncovering the mysteries of the Blue Hole, so we can’t spoil all the surprises!
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – Players can further support the team by grabbing a collection of goodies that include art, the game’s catchy soundtrack, and in-game skins to customize Dave’s boat.

Dave the Diver is available now on Steam at a 10% discount throughout the Steam Summer Sale. For those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest Dave the Diver news, check out the official website and Twitter, and join the community on Discord.