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Jun 28, 2023

DYSPLACED is a survival action RPG, the next game from 10ton Ltd

From Press Release:

Dysplaced is an open-world RPG weaving elements from survival, crafting, and building genres into a compelling gaming experience. Players will find themselves abruptly thrust from their ordinary lives into a mythic and magical realm. The challenge of acclimating and thriving in this massive new world will provide an enjoyable and extensive task.


  • Explore a vast world of beauty – and darkness
  • Construct campsites, fortifications, roads, bridges and settlements
  • Gather, scavenge and harvest 99% of resources you encounter  to fuel your path forward
  • Craft equipment and create custom weapons from pieces
  • Create your hero from scratch
  • Master the art of sorcery by tapping into arcane energies
  • Concoct potions to achieve a tactical upper hand
  • Cook mouth-watering meals for extra vigor and other boons
  • Fight against the shadowy force menacing your new home
  • Fish at the murky forgotten lakes of the world for a mysterious catch
  • Catch a variety of critters for use in crafting or just for collecting
  • Co-op for two online or couch.

The game is currently in development and we hope to release an EA version late 2024 but that estimate may change during development. The game will be released on PC, consoles and mobile. You can follow the game on Steam for updates on the dev process. We’ll also be posting stuff on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There’s also a discord channel at