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Jun 29, 2023

Base building survival sandbox game Necesse is now part of the Hooded Horse family

From Press Release:

June 29, 2023 – Hooded Horse is excited to announce that its portfolio of world-class strategy and tactical games has grown once again. From the distant past of Ancient Rome, we now travel to the fantastical lands of Necesse, a pixel art open-world survival game where players can fight, mine, explore, craft, trade, build a settlement, and so much more!

Necesse challenges players to explore an infinite and procedurally generated open-world where there’s something for everyone –  fight powerful monsters, explore diverse biomes, and search for treasure. Build and develop a settlement into a bustling town, recruit and care for new settlers, have them work and craft items for future adventures, and delve deep into the earth to mine valuable minerals and ores.

Headline features of Necesse:

  • Endless adventures – explore hidden caves and unique biomes in search of loot.
  • Powerful monsters – fight a diverse menagerie of unique bosses and other monsters, each requiring different strategies to defeat.
  • Flexible characters – choose the right gear to meet the challenge, mix and match at any time, and experiment with fun combos.
  • Build a settlement – build farms, workstations, and housing for new settlers. Defend them, and they will trade for powerful items.
  • Crafting – create traps, gear, items, and more to help conquer the endless lands of Necesse.
  • Furry friends – adventure in style with collectible pets, mounts, and other cosmetics.
  • Multiplayer – play solo, or host a server and invite friends to play co-op, online, and via LAN.

First released in December 2019, Necesse has sold 670,000 copies since launch and continues to improve as solo dev Mads Skovgaard releases regular content updates. The next big patch will introduce three new biome types, biome progression, and reworked gear enhancements, to name but a few things.

“Necesse has had a really successful early access journey so far, and we’re honored to be working with the developer to help him achieve his final vision for the game as it heads towards 1.0.” says Tim Bender, CEO of Hooded Horse.

Hooded Horse will integrate Necesse into its full range of publishing services, including marketing, partnerships, and more, to further expand the game’s reach and provide a solid foundation ahead of the 1.0 launch.

Necesse is available on PC via Steam Early Access.