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Jun 29, 2023

Toy Tactics receives massive update today while in Early Access

From Press Release:

Toy Tactics, a family-friendly, physics-based RTS encompassing the history of warfare but in toy form, brandishes its first extensive Early Access update for PC via Steam today, Thursday, June 29, 2023!

Developer Kraken Empire and publisher Joystick Ventures invites generals of all ages to put pen to paper and design tactical strategies with new features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes in the first of several updates to be implemented throughout the Early Access journey.

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Sketch unit formations and direct wobbly toys to victory! Relish in the glory of brand new epic boss battles, summoning powerful upgraded spells to strike down enemies. Master the ability to draw configurations into the battlefield with improved sketching mechanics allowing for drawings longer than 500 meters for improved long distance attacks. Command troops to direct unsuspecting karts towards opposing units and light the sky with explosives.

Additional adjustments include:

  • Improved AI providing fresh challenges and difficulties to overcome
  • Successive waves of aggressiveness among rival formations
  • Upgraded petting system when approaching aggressive and friendly four-legged foes
  • Revamped sound system including updated voices and UI sounds to set a heroic backdrop for an all-out offensive on the battlefield
  • Take up arms and siege buildings with structural assault weapons
  • Reap the rewards of every scavenger adventure by collecting Relics, formerly known as Blessings, to enhance the abilities of your troops
  • Acquire special powers like summoning flaming meteors, launching catapults, and building custom walls and towers

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Toy Tactics mimics the art of war while showcasing its vibrant, cartoonish art style. Savor the moment and take a snapshot with the newly implemented photo mode available in Creative mode and Challenges.

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Be on the lookout for an easter-egg ending as the latest round of levels are completed in this epic update. Bask in this charming RTS adventure fit for friends and family, and raise a sword in the name of triumph!

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Toy Tactics is available now in Steam Early Access on PC today for $19.99 USD with English language support.

For more information on Toy Tactics, please visit the official website, follow the developers on Twitter and check out the Steam page.