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Jun 30, 2023

The Dark Down Under Part II Update for GTTOD: Get To The Orange Door is now live

From Press Release:

DENVER – June 29, 2023 – GTTOD: Get To The Orange Door, the fast-paced parkour roguelike FPS set in an ‘80s-inspired retrofuturist world from developer Arcade Coin and publisher Hitcents, launches “The Dark Down Under Part II” update on Steam Early Access for Windows PC today. Starting today, new users enjoy a 40% discount via Steam for a limited time.

As one of the last survivors in The Shatter, utilize advanced mobility skills and an arsenal of weapons to take on the planet-wide threat of The World Sentinel. Jump, dash, and run through neon-infused levels teeming with enemies, all to the beat of a pulse-pounding synth-wave soundtrack. From shotguns to snipers and handguns, choose from multiple weapon types to eradicate enemies blocking the orange door at the end of each level.

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“The Dark Down Under Part II” update introduces an array of new features including improved parkour movements, satisfying dangerous melee weapons, entirely new enemies, mod tools, and a soundtrack system that adds ambient tracks out of combat zones. Battle new bosses such as the Golem and Mantis, and wipe them with the newly overhauled BABE (Build A Bang Engine) weapons.

Cause even more damage with the newly added melee weapons: slice enemies in half and deflect bullets with the Katana, pierce through any armor with the Spear, and obliterate nearby threats with the Hammer. Experience eight brand new and reimagined levels, from the sprawling and expansive Ashwood Thicket to the dizzying vertical climb of Timber Husk.

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What goes around comes around with Karma, a new mechanic offering blessings and curses capable of turning the table or unleashing chaos. Discover a fiery blessing by exploding nearby enemies and setting surrounding foes ablaze. Unlock a double-edged curse and deal 1500% more damage at the risk of self-destruction. Harness abilities to their full potential and leave a lasting impact in each level.

The newly added Prologue serves as the perfect place for new players to learn the ropes at The Exclusion Zone by dispatching enemies, interacting with the environment, and learning how to wall-run. New mod tools featuring Steam Workshop support offer a chance for veterans to unleash their creativity and design deadly levels to put their skills to test. New quality-of-life improvements include a cleaner UI, a simplified HUD, and overhauled menus. Replay levels multiple times to discover hidden secrets throughout each level, further upgrade skills and abilities, and earn more loot.

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“With more bosses to face, weapons to discover, and new levels to overcome, there are more opportunities than ever in GTTOD: Get to the Orange Door,” said Andrew Smith, Lead Developer. “Explore levels at your own pace to unlock all the content or design your own to put friends to the test. Each update brings us closer to the full launch, and we’re excited to show what we have in store.”

GTTOD: Get to the Orange Door is available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access for USD $19.99. The Dark Down Under update is out now for no additional cost. It supports the English language.

To learn more, visit the game’s official website, follow @_GTTOD and @Hitcents on Twitter and @GTTODGame on TikTok, and join aspiring speedrunners on Discord.