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Jul 08, 2023

Dying Breed is a throwback to classic RTS with 90s gameplay and FMV cutscenes, being published by MicroProse

From Press Release:

Dying Breed, an upcoming game by Sarnayer that pays homage to the golden era of RTS games.

The soundtrack is also pretty amazing

Set in a twisted WW2 reality, this thrilling title blends fast-paced action with strategic decision-making, offering a unique gameplay experience.

In Dying Breed, players will fight evil arch-enemies, zombies, and encounter retro-futuristic technologies. The game features fast-paced action, classic RTS mechanics, and encourages players to be both cunning and sneaky when necessary.

Get ready for a world filled with shiny energy minerals, underground monsters, and warring factions, complemented by live-action FMVs and a ’90s metal soundtrack. It’s a love letter to 90s RTSs, a tribute to science fiction cult movies, and an homage to game OSTs.

Dying Breed is a throwback to the golden era of RTS games with its proudly nostalgic art style and gameplay. The game is being developed by Sarnayer and players can already wishlist it on Steam.

Dying Breed base attack

Action Strategy with more than a few twists

Dying Breed all-out assault

Over the top story

Dying Breed flamethrowers galore