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Jul 10, 2023

Holy cow the first update for Havendock is here, and the cozy colony sim gets better


From Press Release:

Discover the charm of Havendock, a cozy colony sim created by solo-developer YYZ 🌊 Build your own settlement among peaceful ocean waves and create a safe haven for other castaways 🏝️

With its release in April 2023, Havendock has captured the hearts of players, earning over 94% positive reviews on Steam. Now it’s time to dive into its first major content update ✨ Take a look at what’s new below!

🐄 Cow Island

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Visit Cow Island and talk to cattleman Josh to add yet another adorable animal to the pack! Feed them and get milk. Make delicious desserts and cheese 🧀

🕊️ Bird Island

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Speaking of adorable animals, Bird Island finally lives up to its name 🐦 Meet Mother Kewi and do small quests for her to populate the island with adorable kewi birds. And you can also take a ride on Mother Kewi’s back!

🎣 Fishing Village

Meet your new settlers, who inhabit an abandoned Fishing Village 🐠 Bring it back to its former glory by recruiting new fishermen and rebuilding it! You can also fish for new underwater creatures – squid 🦑, shrimp 🍤 and tuna 🐟

🚀 Underwater mini expansion and more story

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Dive deep underwater to discover the lore 🌊 Send your bots to investigate the crash site and meet a new survivor – a mysterious doctor 🥼

🗡️ The Cave

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The door on Bird Island will reveal the cave full of slimes! Defeat them to obtain new resources ⚔️

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