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Jul 10, 2023

Story-rich political party game King of the Castle receives Democracy Manifest update today

From Press Release:

Monday, 10th July 2023 – Tributary Games and Team17 Digital have today launched Democracy Manifest, a new update for King of the Castle, which sees players band together online with up to 3,000 others to steer the fate of a fictional fantasy kingdom and reckon with treacherous – and often hilarious – consequences. The update brings 59 new events to the game, including ‘The Rightful Heir’ event chain that introduces a potential tale of revenge against usurpers of the throne, and the ‘Jailbreak’ event chain, which sees an imprisoned noble break out and cause havoc in the kingdom.

Democracy Manifest also sees the introduction of several community requested features, including the ability for Premium Nobles (those who have bought King of the Castle) to choose the region they join; new schemes will be available, including a loyalist scheme available to winning regions to select; new Noble shields have also been added, alongside new Twitch drops, and a rework of the game’s user interface to enhance its readability.

King of the Castle Key Features

  • Cooperative online multiplayer: Work together with friends or strangers via Twitch or any device with a web browser to steer the fate of your kingdom, tackle unique challenges, and play a key part in its downfall or prosperity
  • Write your story: Play through hundreds of unique medieval fantasy stories, each with their own characters, choices, and far-reaching consequences
  • Give peace a chance… or not: As Monarch, balance the competing demands of your Nobles while keeping an eye out for brewing political unrest or revolts
  • Democracy manifest: Bribe, persuade or intimidate your way through difficult votes, or alter the law entirely to give yourself extra sway in the polls
  • Customise your kingdom: Ensure your legacy upon the land by choosing your name, pronouns, appearance, and even your family crest
  • Party Game mode: Gather a small party of 3-24 people and play together with friends! Only King of the Castle game hosts need to own a copy of the game, all others can join for free from their mobile device or web browser using a unique access code

To stay up to date with King of the Castlecheck it out on Steam, like it on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and join the community on Discord.