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Jul 11, 2023

Pixel Cafe announced from Baltoro Games, try the demo of the arcade management on Xbox now

From Press Release:

Greetings from Baltoro Games! We are thrilled to spill the beans on our newest creation, Pixel Cafe – a rich blend of arcade style time-manager and visual novel that is packaged in hand-crafted pixel art style. We are hoping you might consider featuring Pixel Cafe on your page!

Try the game on ID@XBOX Summer Game Demo Event until 17th July!

Steam page

Step into the Pixel Cafe
Pixel Cafe is like your favorite coffeehouse – a little quirky, always welcoming, and brimming with character(s). This seemingly casual gaming experience takes you behind the counters of 10 virtual cafes, where the daily grind is anything but ordinary.

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Meet Pixel 
Our story centers around Pixel, a bright-eyed barista navigating the ups and downs of work and personal life. Explore both the past and present through Pixel’s eyes and see how memories of her Grandparents shaped her life.

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The Perfect Blend of Chill and Skill
Working in a cafe is no small feat. Keeping customers caffeinated, crafting food orders, managing resources – it’s all part of the daily buzz. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned strategist, there’s a little something for everyone in Pixel Cafe.

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A Symphony of Flavors
Your culinary journey in Pixel Cafe knows no bounds. With 10 incredibly distinct cafes (and their quirky owners) to manage, you’ll hone your barista and chef skills across a colorful variety of settings. Learning and mastering new recipes, keeping customers delighted even in the most challenging circumstances, are all part of the adventure.

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Spilling the Beans
Pixel Cafe is set to open its virtual doors in Fall 2023 with simultaneous release on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox and Playstation. We’re really looking forward to sharing our little labor of love with the gaming community. If you’d like more information, just let us know.