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Jul 11, 2023

Thronefall gets an August 2nd Early Access release date on Steam for the minimalist strategy game

From Press Release:

Grizzly Games, developers of Islanders and Superflight, have today announced that their next game, Thronefall, will launch into Steam Early Access on August 2nd. Thronefall is a minimalist strategy game about building and defending your little kingdom without unnecessary complexity and with a healthy dose of hack and slay.

The game will launch at £6.99 / €6.99 / $6.99.

They have also announced they have updated the demo dropped during Next Fest on Steam right here, adding in a number of QOL features, updates and bug fixes.

About the Game

A strategy game without all the headache? We’ve got you covered.

Saddle the horses! See your kingdom come to life, fight gripping battles to defend it and still be done in time for lunch.

Thronefall is a classic strategy game without unnecessary complexity, plus some healthy hack and slay. Build up your base during the day, defend it ‘til your last breath at night.

Will you be able to strike the right balance between economy and defence? Do you need more archers, thicker walls or an additional mill? Will you keep the enemies at bay with your longbow or charge your horse right into them? It’s going to be a tough night, but nothing beats seeing the sun rise above your little kingdom to live another day.

Quote from the dev

“We love strategy games, but we’re getting older and don’t have the time to sink hundreds of hours into just learning how to play anymore. With ISLANNDERS we took the city builder genre and stripped away all unnecessary complexity, opening the genre up to a much wider audience. With Thronefall we are doing the same thing. We’re taking the strategy game genre, keeping everything that makes a strategy game great (resource management, planning, having to balance economy with defence, upgrades and tech paths to give room for your own unique strategies) while stripping away a lot of the unnecessary complexity. We made Thronefall for people like us, who love strategy games, but can’t be bothered to invest hundreds of hours just to get started.”