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Jul 13, 2023

Enshrouded gameplay trailer showcases the Building & Terraforming in the co-op crafter

From Press Release:

Frankfurt am Main, 13. July 2023 – Keen Games is proud to reveal a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming co-op survival-crafting action RPG Enshrouded, which gives players a deeper look at the games’ building and terraforming possibilities. Utilizing the game’s custom engine and voxels, players can build bases as simply or elaborately as they desire, even shaping the land surrounding them to match. This second deep-dive shows the various tools and approaches to unleash the players creative freedom for building within Enshrouded.

Once the general structure is constructed, players can decorate their masterpieces with over 100 props including trophies from slain bosses as decor to show off progress. The different categories of furniture used for decoration are not only cosmetic, but also give players a stronger, rested buff when they set off on their next adventure in Enshrouded.

The customization isn’t limited to the buildings themselves — players can take their bases to the next level with terrain shaping tools in and around their structures, making the landscape work for them. Use the land to create farm fields for planting recipe ingredients, taking care to use the right kind of soil, to ensure stock is always ready for the next adventure. Players can dig further to carve out part of a mountain to build the underground lair hidden from the sunlight, add basement levels to a grand castle surrounded by a moat, or even surround your base with rolling hills using various types of terrain to invite others in or keep them out.

Players can choose to keep their fortresses for solitude, or share their spaces with friends. Enshrouded players will encounter various NPCs that can settle in their base, rewarding the player with more crafting options, new recipes, and even quests by building workshops and housing for them. NPCs will respond to your bases, and may require certain levels of comfort when visiting in order to assist. Players can also invite friends to build, farm, decorate, construct or destroy as a group. With many hands making light work, some may find the real building is in the friendships made along the way.

Enshrouded is coming to PC into Steam into Early Access in 2023. You can wishlist Enshrouded on Steam. The latest news surrounding Enshrouded is available on the official website as well as on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.