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Jul 20, 2023

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos receives New Game+, fixes, and new features in today’s update

From Press Release:

Lesquin, 20 July 2023 – NACON and Chilean developer ACE Team are delighted to announce that a new free update for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is now available on all platforms. Acclaimed by players, with over 95% positive reviews on Steam, the game has proved very popular with fans, and some of their comments have been included in a new trailerClash: Artifacts of Chaos is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

The update’s new content includes a New Game Plus mode: once the game has finished, players can restart while keeping their character’s upgrades. They will face the highest level and therefore toughest enemies in their new playthrough. This mode also includes exclusive content: new war paint for Pseudo, new hats for The Boy and an armour set for Pseudo to find in the game.

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The new update also fixes various bugs and adds features to improve the user experience, including Nvidia Ansel, which allows gamers to take amazing in-game photographs.

Finally, those who love the game’s soundtrack composed by Patricio Mene, can support Clash: Artifacts of Chaos by voting for the game at the World Soundtrack Awards before 21 August.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is a unique action-adventure game in terms of its gameplay and art direction. Visually, there is the signature ACE Team style (Rock of AgesThe Eternal Cylinder), whose original designs range from the unusual to the flamboyant. As for the gameplay, players get to unleash the ferocity of the main character, Pseudo, in third-person combat. Aside from exploration and combat, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos stands out from other action-adventure games thanks to a unique mechanic: the Ritual. Each participant has artifacts with unique properties, and the outcome of this ancient tradition defines the rules of the fight.

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