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Jul 20, 2023

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, the fighting management sim sequel is now available on all platforms

From Press Release:

[20 July 2023/ Bellevue, Washington] –  No need for a flux capacitor to go back to the future because Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is now available on all platforms. Everybody may want to rule the world, but there’s only one top dog in this fighting management sim. Get ready to ride into the danger zone that will make you feel like you’re in an 80s music video filled with neon lights and a cyberpunk aesthetic. Players must choose if they want to be the hero their city is holding out for or the one who gives boxing a bad name with their poor choices.

Experience the thrill of the fight by choosing your own path. You can work with the police or the mafia, start a school to teach the next generation of fighters, or dominate the fighting leagues. But be warned, life hits hard and comes at you fast in this game, and time management is crucial if you want to survive. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee because in Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, only the strongest will emerge victorious!

It takes work to be a top fighter, so prepare to run up that road, hill, or even a building to ensure your fighter is the best it can be. There’s no making a deal with a higher power; becoming the best means putting in good old-fashioned work with blood, sweat, and tears. However, if being a smooth criminal is your idea of fun, neuro training and illegal software are available to give you a shortcut to hard work. Just be careful, too much of the illegal software could lead to a risk of being exposed as a fraud, and it will be the final countdown as your last brain cell will give you up, let you down, and desert you.


  • Become a Champion Fighter – Punch, kick and cheat your way through if you want. Becoming the best damn fighter ain’t easy; it takes time, dedication, dollars, and training! Increase your stats and techniques, plan your matches, and create your own incredibly awesome school of fighting!
  • Access to Neuro-training: Don’t have time to train? No problem! Take advantage of neuro-training, a quick but costly way to train. Just be careful not to overdo it; there are consequences!
  • Work Hard, Pay Hard: Becoming the best and saving the day isn’t cheap. In order to make it in this city, you have to get a job to make money. Odd jobs will do just fine until you gain some Good Person Points, which will let you choose whether you would like to serve society as a police officer or teach a generation of children self-defense. 
  • Manage… Everything – Oversee everything from precious hours in the day to finances whilst climbing to the top of the fighting leagues, solving crimes, working for the police, mob, mafia, and just about anyone else you cross paths with. Perfect your strategy to become the best damn fighter this city has ever seen!
  • Story-Rich Narrative – Fully developed NPCs with interesting personalities and stories accompany a variety of branching story paths to explore. The stakes of moral choices impact story outcomes!
  • Cyberpunk Aesthetic – The alluring pixel art style with a vibrant neon futuristic color palette and captivating visuals showcase a fresh perspective of a cyberpunk future.

There’s no pouring any sugar on this; Punch Club 2: Fast Forward isn’t the type of club where people meet for breakfast with their friend Tiffany. The ring is a battlefield where one must be strong enough to stand up to the challenges and mysteries thrown against them. With the game now available on SteamXboxPlayStation, and Nintendo Switch – it’s time to get down on it and punch your way to the top.