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Jul 25, 2023

Make a “Critical Decision” in new Early Access update for Epic Tavern

From Press Release:

LOS ANGELES – July 24, 2023 – Epic Tavern, the tavern management simulator with rich high-fantasy RPG storytelling from Emmy-winning Hyperkinetic Studios, serves up a wealth of new features via the “Critical Decision” update releasing today for PC on Steam Early Access.  Prepare to make crucial decisions leading to divergent fates in the feature-packed update, the final major patch before Epic Tavern closes early access and has its grand opening 1.0 launch.

Tavernmasters now have improved tools to manage their heroes’ energy, mood, and other stats through the overhauled Spirit system. Casting spells and suffering demoralizing defeats deplete Spirit, while the new midday Rest stages offer adventurers the choice between taking a break to replenish Spirit or pursuing a new Side Quest, each with 10 possible outcomes. Should the party stop for lunch or do a bit of shopping with a traveling potion vendor?

Further control your adventurers while they’re out on daring exploits with the all-new Critical Decision feature. These scenarios empower Tavernmasters to choose actions based on their unique party composition, and discover unorthodox solutions to challenges. Many stages now adapt to your roster and offer class-specific Critical Choice options. Will the brave band attack the army of skeletons head on or have the necromancer try to control them? Sneak up on the orcs or have the pyromancer unleash a fireball from afar, potentially damaging the loot?

The previous “Fantastical Crimes Unit” update introduced players to the criminal Undermarket along with entirely new faction-specific quests. In the “Critical Decision” update, tavernmasters are provided more control over their heroes in the field, more tools to manage their Spirit, and a wider range of possible outcomes resulting from their choices. The final pre-launch feature update serves to expand horizons and set the stage for the launch of Epic Tavern.

“Epic Tavern has always been about the impact of the players’ choices on their journey, but the ‘Critical Decision’ update brings this to the next level,” said Rich Bisso, CTO and co-founder at Hyperkinetic Studios. “We’re excited to see how every Tavernmaster’s distinct party of heroes leads to unique situations out on the road where no two players’ experiences are the same.”

Epic Tavern is available now on Steam Early Access for $24.99 and is available in English. For more information on the game, visit the official website or follow @EpicTavern on Twitter.