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Jul 25, 2023

USC: Counterforce, a Battle Brothers meets XCOM and Aliens turn-based strategy game has entered Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

[Paris, July 25th, 2023] – Developer Angry Cat Studios and Publisher Firesquid have officially launched their turn-based squad tactics title USC: Counterforce into Early Access on Steam. With hours of gameplay already available, players that dive into the game will be able to join a deep strategical experience with multiple missions, customizable commando forces and a powerful alien threat to destroy.

Taking inspiration from the likes of UFO/XCOMSpace Hulk and the Aliens series, USC: Counterforce has players controlling a group of geared-up commandos tasked with investigating an alien threat on the planetary body M-8322. Utilizing USC: Counterforce’s  advanced squad management interface with a class-free skill system and passive abilities, players must master combat and find the perfect combination of skills in order to keep back this alien threat. Bring along a friend to bring home glory using local co-op mode (hot seat or remote play together).

Early Access will offer players four special operations and an endless list of procedurally generated missions available in Single Mission mode, which offer huge amounts of replayability. Throughout Early Access, the developers will be paying close attention to community feedback in order to continue to improve upon and update USC: Counterforce. The team has a solid plan to update the game until its final version that will include a full, open-ended campaign mode with a non-linear storyline.

The next update scheduled is the Defend the Base mode where players will have to maintain and defend a functional outpost, merging the concept of base management with a turn-based tactical defense.



  • Assemble the Ultimate Squad: Prepare your team for every situation! Featuring a class-free system, USC:CF allows you to fully customize your forces and face enemy threats however you see fit!
  • Varied Weapons and Tools: Utilize melee and ranged weapons with various types of ammunition to take down enemies. Gather hacking tools, mines, turrets, and more to achieve your mission.
  • Fully Interactable Environments: Explore and fight in interactable and fully destructible environments. Rearrange the battlefield, build barricades, avoid and exploit environmental hazards, lay traps, and more.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Play alone with fully customizable Single Mission mode and lead your marines on challenging, multi-mission operations with unique goals. Don’t want to go alone? Venture into co-op multiplayer modes and play in classic hot seat or use Steam’s “Remote Play Together” feature to bring a fellow soldier along online.


USC: Counterforce is available right now via Steam for $19.99. The game is currently available in both English and Chinese. Players wishing to sync up with fellow commandos can join the community on the official Discord.