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Aug 01, 2023

I Am Future, the relaxing rooftop survival game enters Steam Early Access on August 8th

From Press Release:

SEATTLE, WA – August 1, 2023 – Publisher tinyBuild and developer Mandragora today premiered a new trailer for I Am Future, an upcoming adventure hitting Steam Early Access on August 8th. I Am Future is a relaxing survival game about building a cozy rooftop camp amid a flooded post-apocalyptic city. Players will set up a farm, cook delicious food, dismantle tools for crafting resources, automate chores by recruiting cute robots, and uncover the mystery behind the catastrophe. With tens of thousands of wishlists and glowing Next Fest demo reception, I Am Future is surely set to become this summer’s most relaxing post-apocalyptic title.

Main Features:

  • Base Building & Dismantling: Gather old-world gadgets and dismantle them in a relaxing mini-game to obtain crafting resources and build useful and unique constructs like a seawater desalinator, cryptocurrency farm, irrigation system or a molecular synthesizer.
  • Fishing, Farming & Cooking: Catch some fish, or reap an organic harvest from your farm to cook dozens of delicious meals and channel your inner chef.
  • Robots & Automation: Maximize your efficiency and automate chores by recruiting robot companions who can perform different tasks within the camp.
  • Story & Exploration: Send drones to explore the flooded city to look for other survivors and, hopefully, answers. Why was Chris put into cryo just before the catastrophe? Why did the world end? What was Unicorp up to? Can you get to other rooftops? And lastly, why does that fridge talk?!



I Am Future will be available in Steam Early Access on August 8th for $14.99, with a limited-time 10% discount during the first week. To join the conversation and meet other survivors in this comfy post-apocalyptic world, join the official Discord server. Head over to the official Steam page to read the latest blog post focusing on the post-launch plans, including new survival mechanics, story bits, and ways to explore the world.