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Aug 03, 2023

Go back to school with Two Point Campus and attend Medical School in new DLC on August 17th

From Press Release:

THURSDAY 3rd August, LONDON – Two Point Studios Limited and SEGA® Europe Limited are proud to reveal Two Point Campus™: Medical School, the next major DLC for the popular university management game, arriving on August 17th on all platforms for $9.99/€9.99/£8.99. Check out the announcement trailer now!

No, that sense of déjà vu you’re feeling isn’t related to head trauma – we hope. Two Point Campus: Medical School harkens back to the manic majesty of the original Two Point Hospital to bring a whole batch of new levels, new gameplay mechanics, and lots and lots of icky illnesses to treat.

Players will start their educational journeys at the idyllic Lake Tumble, where they’ll meet Two Point County’s roaming remedy master Vitality Johnson. Before long, you’ll be shipped off to Molten Rock, where an ancient volcano is turning up the heat on sickly visitors and medical staff – and that’s before you even start to deal with Dr. Briney Seadog and her band of pirates. Finally, you’ll come face to face once again with Bartholomew F. Yeti at Pointy Peak, where the only things more chilling than the weather are our thermometers.

What’s a medical school without plenty of students and sundries to populate it? We’ve added doctors and nurses as new student types, six new room types, and over 60 new items to help you diagnose and de-stress your patients. There’s the Head Clinic and its admittedly daunting Noggin’ Nabber, or the Psychiatry room and its much less threatening sofa. You’ll have plenty of returning illnesses to determine, like a classic case of “Brain Farts” or “Lightheadedness.”

Last but not least, Two Point Campus: Medical School introduces new challenges for students and their mentors to overcome. If your patients’ health takes a nosedive, they may come back as ghosts to haunt the halls, forcing your already overworked janitorial staff to clean up the spooky (and sticky) mess. Leave your medical machinery running without proper care and you’ll run the risk of burning the whole place down. Deal with massive influxes of patients during emergencies, with the occasional arrival via helipad, or swab the deck with pesky pirate practitioners who are looking for more than one way to cut costs.

Two Point Campus is a charming university management simulator that tasks players with building and running the university campus of their dreams. From designing stylish dormitories to laying down ornamental pathways and gardens, players are given the freedom to decorate their Campus with new and easy-to-use creative tools to build their own educational masterpiece.

With plenty of fun and fantastical courses for players to explore, they must provide their students and teachers with everything they need to help them thrive and survive in the academic year. Two Point Campus is available now on PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Players can pre-order Two Point Campus: Medical School here. Keep in mind, Two Point Campus is also celebrating its first anniversary with our biggest discount ever! You can get Two Point Campus for 50% off on Steam until August 11, on PlayStation 4|5 until August 16th, and on Xbox Series X|S until August 7th. Two Point Campus: Medical School is also 10% off from August 3rd to August 24th on Steam and Xbox Series X|S. The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 versions of Medical School will feature a 10% early adopter discount from August 17th to August 24th.