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Aug 10, 2023

Modding support extended with a Map and UI Editor for The Great War: Western Front today


From Press Release:

Cambridge, UK – 10 August 2023. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV), and developers Petroglyph (Command & Conquer™: Remastered, Star Wars™: Empire at War), invite players to re-design the battlefields and create new stories as part of a new update for World War 1 RTS epic, The Great War: Western Front. Available from today, Commanders will receive an additional arsenal of modding tools, providing the ultimate sandbox to re-create trench warfare.

As part of an update rolled out on June 28 players were introduced to an initial set of modding tools, allowing them to develop custom campaigns and 3D assets via a Model Converter, alongside an in-game Mod Manager supporting custom audio, textures, and models. This update also introduced seven new types of infantry and three highly requested tanks, including the iconic French Saint-Chamond.

Today’s update will extend modding support with the addition of a Map Editor and a UI Editor, allowing Commanders to create unique battlefields and take even greater control of the Western Front. The update will also introduce three new Skirmish and Multiplayer maps and a brand-new historical mission, created using the new modding tools. The Battle of Vimy Ridge, considered to be a defining moment for Canadian forces during the war, saw the usage of rolling barrages deployed to provide cover for the advancing troops as they demonstrated unwavering courage to capture a critical point on the Western Front.

Additionally, Commanders can now view ongoing statistics from throughout their current campaign and reinforce their front lines with two new support trench emplacements – an Anti-Aircraft nest to keep the skies clear of enemy fighters and bombers, and an Ammo Cache which will reduce the supply cost to fire artillery batteries in the vicinity, but is at risk of detonating if destroyed.

The Great War: Western Front places players in command of one of history’s most pivotal conflicts, as they take command of either the Allied Forces or the Central Powers and aim to overturn the odds to emerge victorious from a draining war of attrition. Commanding the Western Front from both a grand strategy overview as Theatre Commander and individual battlefield RTS gameplay as the Field Commander, players must manage their Supply and National Will carefully as they seek victory. On the battlefield every decision will tip the scale between success and defeat, from the relentless barrage of artillery shells to the creation of detailed trench networks to provide vital protection from the onslaught of enemy machine gun fire. Victory may be achieved, but at what cost?

The Great War: Western Front is available to purchase now via Steam and the Epic Games Store, for a suggested retail price of £29.99/€34.99/$34.99.

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