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Aug 14, 2023

Last Train Home gets its first gameplay trailer, showcased at THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2023

From Press Release:

Brno / Vienna / August 14, 2023 – Witness the incredible journey of the Czechoslovak Legion and watch the first Gameplay Reveal Trailer of Last Train Home exclusively unveiled during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2023.

Last Train Home is an epic survival strategy game. The gameplay reveal takes you through the steps required to reach your ultimate destination, Vladivostok:

  • Roam through war-torn cities and the vast Siberian countryside.
  • Send out squads from the train to scavenge along the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • Lead your soldiers in intense real-time tactical battles.
  • Unlock new skills for your troops.
  • Skillfully manage and upgrade your train.
  • Gather and trade essential supplies.

“After announcing the game Last Train Home, we joyfully observed that players often find resemblances to prestigious brands such as Company of Heroes, Frostpunk, Commandos, and Xcom. These comparisons to gaming industry giants greatly delight us. Indeed, we draw from their successful concepts to some degree, yet we are making a unique Strategy / Management genre combination laid on an epic survival journey story. Through a gameplay trailer, we have decided to showcase this facet for the first time “in action” during the long-anticipated THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2023 event.” – Dominik Jícha, Ashborne Games Marketing Manager

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