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Aug 14, 2023

XENOTILT: HOSTILE PINBALL ACTION, the sequel to DEMON’S TILT plunges its way onto Early Access come August 18th

From Press Release:

Los Angeles, 8/11/23 – Pinball wizards are in for a treat as the highly anticipated sequel to DEMON’S TILT, XENOTILT: HOSTILE PINBALL ACTION, gears up for its early access launch on August 18th. Developed by the renowned studio WIZNWAR and published by FLARB LLC, this game is set to redefine the pinball gaming experience. Available exclusively on Steam for Windows, XENOTILT continues the legacy of the critically acclaimed title DEMON’S TILT, promising a riveting blend of pinball mechanics and video game elements. 

Returning players will once again be transported to a mesmerizing world where lightning-paced action meets the classic charm of pinball. Flaunting Adam Ferrando’s trademark vivid retro-inspired visuals, a pulse-pounding soundtrack by DEMON’S TILT composer Charlie Heinrich, and exhilarating gameplay, XENOTILT is poised to capture the hearts of both long-time fans and newcomers. The upcoming early access release on August 18th presents an exclusive opportunity for players to actively engage in the development process, offering invaluable feedback to shape and elevate the gaming experience. 

“Adam Ferrando has poured their heart and soul into XENOTILT: HOSTILE PINBALL ACTION,” remarked Ralph Barbagallo, the co-developer of the project. “Building on the success of DEMON’S TILT, WIZNWAR has masterfully crafted a unique world that seamlessly integrates the addictive lure of pinball with face-melting graphics and insane video game mechanics far beyond what we did with the original game. We’re excited to welcome players to this captivating universe and encourage them to contribute their insights during the early access phase.” 

Make sure to mark your calendars for August 18th, as XENOTILT: HOSTILE PINBALL ACTION makes its early access debut on Steam for Windows. Prepare to flip, tilt, and confront the unknown in a high-octane gaming experience that will reshape your perception of pinball. Stay connected with FLARB LLC and WIZNWAR for the latest updates and details regarding the game’s development and forthcoming releases.