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Aug 16, 2023

shapez 2, the factory-building automation sequel reveals first gameplay in new trailer

From Press Release:

AACHEN, GERMANY, August 16, 2023 — Today the indie game studio behind successful factory-building game shapez — tobspr Games — debuts footage of its sequel shapez 2! This top-down automation game enhances the familiar factory building experience of shapez. And for the first time ever the game includes all-new 3D visuals, allowing players to build their factories in multiple layers!

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Automate and optimize your ultimate (space) factory

For the first time since the game’s announcement, tobspr Games has released an official trailer showcasing gameplay from its upcoming factory automation game. The trailer demonstrates the main goal of this top-down factory-building game: extract and process geometric shapes into more intricate forms. Each shape has its own set of building blocks that factories can take apart, stack, paint and put back together in many different ways. By producing distinct shapes and solving the production challenges of each level, additional technologies will become available and factories will be able to create increasingly complex shapes necessary for reaching the next target. Learn, improve and optimize to design the most efficient shape production lines!

shapez 2 is the successor to shapez, where players build factories to automate the creation and processing of shapes in many different ways to complete a variety of production challenges. The first game sold almost 500,000 units on Steam and attracted more than 10 million players to its demo on With over 150,000 wishlists on Steam, sequel shapez 2 has become one of the 150 most-wishlisted games on Steam. Fans of automation, logistics, train and logic games cannot wait to get their hands on this one.

shapez 2

With the development of shapez 2, tobspr Games received partial funding from the government in Germany, allowing founder Tobias Springer to grow his team to a total of seven core members and a handful of freelancers. Together, they are ready to pack the already promising sequel with more content than ever before.

The gameplay mechanics are optimized to be accessible and feel more intuitive, plus replayability will be enhanced thanks to the new research tree. Furthermore, features such as trains, a blueprint library and fluids will be added, and unlike the prequel, shapez 2 includes all-new 3D visuals. Not only can players see what’s happening inside of these constructions, they can also build upon these layers, offering players a whole new dimension of factory-building!

More information on the development of shapez 2 can be found in the Steam devblogs: The game is first expected to launch in Steam Early Access next year!