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Aug 16, 2023

Turn-based stealth game Spirited Thief steals a September 19th release date

From Press Release:

Lille, France, August 16, 2023 – Today, one-man studio Koi Snowman Games and publisher Ishtar Games (The Last Spell, Lakeburg Legacies) announced that the tactical turn-based stealth game Spirited Thief is set to steal your heart on PC on September 19. Sneak a peek at the brand-new trailer:

The ruthless Thieves Guild is once again losing patience with Elaj, a luckless thief with a magic streak, and Trin, his unbodied partner-in-crime, after another job gone wrong. With a point to prove to the Guild, the pilfering pair must work together to score big as they heist their way through heavily guarded vaults, crypts, castles, and dungeons.

In Spirited Thief, scout locations undetected and plan your heist as the spirit Trin before taking control of the corporeal thief Elaj to enact your strategies and loot, outsmart enemies, and get out before you run out of time, and turns. Play your way and choose your approach: will you take it slow and measured, or is a smash-and-grab tactic more your style?

Spirited Thief escapes onto PC on September 19. Play the demo and wishlist the stealthy strategy game on Steam today:

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