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Aug 17, 2023

Build machines of your dreams and challenge the Neighbor in Hello Engineer, out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch

From Press Release:

SEATTLE, WA, August 17th – tinyBuild Riga have finalized the blueprints, oiled up the axles and are rolling out Hello Engineer across PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch today! Originally a Stadia exclusive and now free to go multiplatform, this construction puzzle spinoff from the Hello Neighbor series is now teasing brains across all major systems, with a demo available now on Xbox and Steam. Put on your hard-hat, tighten your tool-belt and check out the launch trailer.

Run solo or in co-op in Hello Engineer‘s 20+ mission campaign. Puzzle your way across the Raven Brooks’ one and only theme park and its three themed areas – the Racetrack, the Wild West and the high-tech Space zone – each one with their own puzzles, obstacles, opponents and challenging bosses to face.

Build the vehicles of your dreams (or nightmares) with a powerful and flexible construction interface. Tune engine power, wire up steering to axles and hook up batteries to make everything go. Share your favorite creations for use in future challenges, or share them online via the Steam Workshop to give other engineers a foot up. The Raven Brooks Inventor’s Club looks after their friends, so put your minds together and create the impossible!

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It wouldn’t be an adventure in the Hello Neighbor universe without a bounty of secrets to unearth too! Once the campaign is mastered, head on down to the Sandbox mode to construct freely and explore for mysteries and optional challenges, or just show off your most unhinged creations to the world. Just keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Peterson, local creepy neighbor and gadgeteer; It seems he’s up to his usual antics at the park, too.

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Hello Engineer is out today on SteamXbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for $14.99/£12.79/ €14.79. Steam engineers can snag a playable demo, while Xbox Builders can grab ademo from the Microsoft Store. Steam players can build big with minimal damage to their wallets this week, thanks to a beefy 35% launch discount, with an additional 15% loyalty bonus available for owners of other Hello Neighbor franchise games!

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