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Aug 17, 2023

Moonbreaker is “Rising the Ranks” in massive new update for the miniature turn-based strategy game in Early Access

From Press Release:

Revolutionizing the miniature gaming landscape, Unknown Worlds and KRAFTON present the much-anticipated Rising the Ranks update for Moonbreaker, also known as Early Access Update 6.

Crafted within a universe by renowned author Brandon Sanderson, Moonbreaker digitizes the charm of traditional miniatures, extending beyond its boundaries to deliver an engaging, turn-based strategy experience complemented by rich customization and continual updates. Rising the Ranks adds another layer of strategic depth, introduces new Yi-Aweti units, launches a much-requested Ranked Mode, and reveals striking visual enhancements.

To mark this significant update, Unknown Worlds is hosting a Steam Free Weekend Aug. 17-23, opening the gates of Moonbreaker‘s dynamic universe to all interested players. The game will also be available on Steam at a discount Aug. 17-31, making it an unparalleled opportunity to experience the game’s richly detailed cosmos and influence its evolution firsthand. 

You can access a detailed breakdown of Rising the Ranks the patch notes here and the update trailer here. Below, we’ve highlighted some key elements from this update:

  • Strategize with New Yi-Aweti Units: The update brings a myriad of new Crew members, each endowed with unique abilities, further enriching your tactical possibilities. From Rebuilder Texo, who strengthens structures, to Cloaker Tozi, a cloak-bestower, the depth of gameplay is significantly expanded.

  • Embark on the Vibrant Yi-Aweti Farm: The universe of Moonbreaker continues to grow, adding the lush Yi-Aweti Farm to its map rotation. Traverse through the map’s unique architecture and dynamic flora, all while strategizing your path to victory.

  • Rise to the Ranked Mode Challenge: The inclusion of a Ranked Mode marks a new milestone for Moonbreaker. Every match contributes to your ranking, inviting you to outsmart the best of Moonbreaker‘s players and earn your prestige.

  • Experience Enhanced Visuals: The update introduces significant visual upgrades, such as Unit Outlines, Volumetric Fog, and improved Line of Sight, augmenting gameplay readability and enriching your in-game experience.

Moonbreaker‘s development thrives on the community’s gameplay and feedback. By engaging in the Moonbreaker universe, players are pioneers. They guide the future of an expansive cosmos limited only by their imaginations.

For the latest information about Moonbreaker, please visit the game’s official website or join the community conversation on the following channels: Discord | Reddit | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Twitch | YouTube