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Aug 18, 2023

Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! first gameplay trailer released, technicolor mode announced, and launching in 2024

From Press Release:

Budapest, Hungary, August 18, 2023 – Drumroll please, for we have some great clucking news to share about the return of the Wilderness’s famed and feathered cop duo in Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! Developer The Wild Gentlemen has released the sequel’s very first Gameplay Reveal Trailer today, showcasing what players can expect when wading into the depths of Clawville once more. This includes a new mode that allows players to experience the adventure that awaits Sonny and Marty in full color! Additionally, everyone visiting gamescom or PAX West this year can experience Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! for the first time ever at the studio’s booth.

Earlier this year, The Wild Gentlemen announced that Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken will be going where no fowl has gone before in Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! Now with an even bigger mystery to crack, players will join these chickens as they make their way into the insect underworld, where they must face the darkness lurking in the world and inside themselves. In this point-and-click film noir detective adventure, players will gather clues, question subjects and solve a variety of problems to get to the bottom of a case and uncover a world-shattering conspiracy!

The Wild Gentlemen has released the first gameplay trailer for Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! today, revealing more about how players will be taking down the bad eggs of Clawville. In this sequel, over 30 fully dubbed characters are spread out across 35+ locations within the city. Each of them is somehow connected to this tale of love, betrayal and death, and it is up to players to interrogate them in classic Chicken Police style to get the whole picture. Additionally, the game will be full of side quests and opportunities to further explore the city of Clawville.

And that’s not all, for the trailer also shows off a freshly hatched mode that Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! will introduce, namely the technicolor mode! With this option, color returns to Clawville for the players who still hold a little hope for the future. For those who have lost all hope, the original vision of the creators — the iconic noir style — remains an option to play the game in black and white once more.

To show off the newly revealed gameplay of Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! in person, this year a consumer booth will be set up at both gamescom (August 23–27) and PAX West (September 1–4). Visitors can grab these hands-on opportunities with two paws to be one of the first to experience a slice of the new game for the very first time! Additionally, co-founders of The Wild Gentlemen will be present and are looking forward to meeting players and fans.

The game is expected to launch on PC in 2024.

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