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Sep 01, 2023

Story trailer for narrative-driven metroidvania Venture to the Vile released, coming to PC and consoles in 2024

From Press Release:

Montreal, Canada, 1st September 2023 – Cut to Bits, the indie studio founded by AAA industry veterans, unveiled a brand-new trailer for their atmospheric metroidvania Venture to the Vile in yesterday’s MIX showcase:

In Venture to the Vile, your life is turned upside down when an unknown darkness and the many horrors within affect your quaint little town of Rainybrook.

When the Vile first appeared, you lost your friend Ella to the dark and encountered one of the monsters yourself, leaving you hurt with a blackened and mutated arm that can transform into a vicious claw. The Vile is all-consuming by nature, and you’ll absorb its abilities and powers with every death blow. Will you save the town and find Ella… or will you become the monster you’re fighting against?


  • Becoming the monster: As you become more and more unrecognizable, you’ll gain striking abilities that enhance your progress in the game and your ability to defeat vicious enemies. It’s up to you to master them and level them up.

  • Rich story, dynamic world, peculiar characters: Explore a dynamic world as the time of day and weather conditions change your gameplay experience– opening up new questions, unexpected upgrades, new monsters, and new narratives to uncover.

  • Innovative puzzles: Solve puzzles utilizing your logic skills and navigating the challenging 3D world within 2D spaces. If you can see it, you can reach it in Venture to the Vile.

  • Victorian inspired landscapes and art that transport you back in time

  • Discover a compelling narrative as you make important decisions that will determine your fate forever

  • A thoughtfully curated and created eerie and ambient soundtrack

Lose yourself to the Vile next year on PC and consoles. In the meantime, keep a close eye on Cut To Bits’ Twitter for updates, and wishlist Venture To The Vile on Steam:

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