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Sep 07, 2023

Slave Zero X cuts up in new trailer shown at Fear Fest 2023, releasing onto PC in early 2024

From Press Release:

Today, publisher Ziggurat Interactive debuted a new blood-soaked trailer for its upcoming title Slave Zero™ X via Feardemic’s FEAR FEST 2023! This brand-new trailer showcases more of Slave Zero X’s action and mechanics, along with a healthy smattering of blood! With Feardemic’s mission to evoke some of the most interesting human emotions: fear, trepidation, and revulsion, the trailer fits perfectly with Ziggurat’s upcoming crimson-soaked title. Don’t miss the gnarly trailer in all its gl(ore)y!

Made in partnership with Poppy Works and the team behind the renowned Devil Engine, Slave Zero™ X features multiple gameplay modes and a variety of futuristic 2.5D dystopian urban levels to battle through. Players will string together brutal combos and fight through waves of genetically enhanced biopunk opponents — all to the tune of a gnarly synth soundtrack. Run & slash your way through a dystopian future in this character action game which will resonate with fans of faction and fighting game genre favorites Devil May Cry, Strider, and Guilty Gear.

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Features of Slave Zero™ X include:

  • Different Modes to Mutilate: Play through the story, build your combo-crushing skills in training mode, or test your might in the post-story Bloody Palace Mode

  • Hack-n-Slash ‘n Slash ‘n Slash…: Chain together lethal attack combos with your sword and an array of explosive ordinance while leaping, sprinting, and flipping your way through a grim biopunk world

  • An Environment Worthy of H.R. Giger: Battle your way through massive levels, and boss-rushes in a dynamic 2.5D world

  • Brutal Battles and Cutthroat Missions: Conquer mini-bosses and climactic arch-villains in unforgettable combat sequences

  • Blood-Soaked and Synth-Soaked: Immerse yourself in a world of heavy Drum ‘n Bass and industrial tracks that get more intense as the action heats up

Slave Zero™ X is launching in Q1 2024 and is available to wishlist now on Steam and GOG, and you can play through the demo on Steam and Xbox.

More info about Ziggurat Interactive, its current lineup, and upcoming announcements is available on Facebook, TwitterTwitchInstagram, and the company’s official website, with info on their upcoming products to be announced on the same.