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Sep 08, 2023

Requiem: Avenging Angel is the fourth and final giveaway, GOG Autumn Sale ends September 11th


From Press Release:

08 September 2023 – It’s our fourth so far and final giveaway. You can now claim Requiem: Avenging Angel, 3D, first-person action game of biblical proportions set in a world under siege. ou are Malachi, a Chosen Angel, sent to Earth to save Creation from the wrath of the Fallen. Blast your way through an immersive futuristic 3D world developing Angelic powers like possession, blood boil, locust swarms, and the ability to turn your enemies to pillars of salt. Without you, mankind doesn’t have a prayer. Make sure to grab the game before Monday, September 11th, 1 PM UTC—there’s no time to wait!

The final days of the Autumn Sale present a great opportunity to explore our bestsellers and snag deals that may have slipped under your radar:

Revisit the latest releases from the past two weeks and don’t miss your chance to explore the exciting new games in our selection:

New releases, great discounts and classics – this is what the Autumn Sale on GOG is all about. The event will last until Monday, September 11th, 10 PM UTC.