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Oct 12, 2023

World of Warships crosses over with Heroes of Might Magic III, adding six new commanders and begins Halloween content

From Press Release:

AUSTIN, TX (October 12, 2023) – Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the leading naval battle MMO World of Warships, is celebrating the spookiest season of the year with plenty of treats for players to dive into! Among these is a special collaboration with the iconic strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic III, with six new Commanders to take the helm and lead any fleet to victory. This update also introduces a festive “The Last Voyage of Transylvania” Operation for Halloween sure to make players shiver with fright, alongside three new Japanese battleships in Early Access and four vessels coming to the game just in time for Black Friday.

Might and Magic in World of Warships 

Heroes of Might Magic III makes an exciting appearance just in time for the most mystical month of the year! Six new Commanders from the iconic turn-based strategy game come on October 19 in Warships to assert naval dominance over the high seas. Each of these Commanders comes equipped with their own unique voice-over, including original voice actors reprising their roles for Catherine Ironfist of the Castle and Sandro of the Necropolis. These high-fantasy captains all come with ten skill points, ready to lead any armada to victory. A new map directly inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic III can be found in the Armory where players will unlock the Commanders alongside various resources like credits, experience points, free access to a Premium account, and economic bonuses.

In addition, World of Warships has also introduced a special DLC bundle on sale at a 50% discount on Steam, which includes the iconic Commander Sandro, premium account access, and plenty of in-game bonuses, rewards, and credits. This bundle doesn’t just contain World of Warships DLC, though, as players will also receive a copy of Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition.

Three New Japanese Battleships 

Dropping anchor in a newly updated Kure Port, Tier VIII Yumihari, Tier IX Adatara, and Tier X Bungo all sail into Early Access. Available for purchase via the Japanese token temporary resource, these ships encompass the signature high firing range and good accuracy of Japanese gun-bearing ships. Alongside their large-caliber main battery guns, these vessels have slots for either the “Fighter” or “Spotting Aircraft” consumables to accommodate their lower Hit Point pools. To celebrate these additions to the game, a themed collection has also been added, rewarding those who complete the 60-piece collection with a Mount Fuji Sunrise permanent camouflage for Yumihari.

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Hair-raising Halloween Operations 

This update also introduces plenty of creepy content just in time for Halloween! Alongside the addition of standard and Premium Jack-o’-Lantern Containers, a special, spooky Operation comes to the game. Running across regional servers from October 25 to November 9, this mission finds players escorting and defending Transylvania on her perilous journey to find and destroy a portal and prevent the Forces of Darkness from spreading any further. To compensate for this tricky predicament, ships of all types spanning Tier VIII-IX can participate in this year’s Halloween Operation – with the bonus of special modifiers to balance out performance.

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Starting November 3, players can find additional Containers for Black Friday 2023 in the Armoury, and four new ships added to the game. This includes the highly requested American destroyer Black B and three other battleships and cruisers from Japanese, German, and Soviet navies.

You can find the full patch notes here.


About World of Warships 

World of Warships is a free, historical, online combat PC game from Wargaming. With its massive fleet of most iconic war vessels, including five different ship classes and strategically designed environment, World of Warships provides the ultimate naval warfare gaming experience, suitable for everyone. Thanks to its largest collection of historically accurate ships available to play, World of Warships prides itself as a digital ship museum and a focal point for naval history enthusiasts. New thematic content and innovative game modes are being added on a regular basis, providing a diverse and exciting gameplay to its broad player base.

One franchise – multiple platforms 

After the successful launch of World of Warships on PC, its unique gameplay and design has been adapted to bring free massive naval battles to other platforms with World of Warships: Legends available on PlayStation and Xbox and World of Warships Blitz on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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