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Oct 16, 2023

Seekers of Skyveil is an extraction action RPG by way of Diablo meets Escape From Tarkov

From Press Release:

Today we at Elodie Games are excited to reveal our first game, Seekers of Skyveil, an extraction RPG set in a vibrant fantasy world! You can sign up now for a chance to join the Seekers of Skyveil closed alpha playtests and help us shape its future development.


We started Elodie Games to create profound experiences that are most fun when played with friends and take place in a vibrant and modern fantasy world. We’ve been honing in on exactly what that looks like since we started our pre-alpha playtests this Spring, and today we’re excited to reveal what we’re making.

Seekers of Skyveil is a groundbreaking PvPvE fantasy extraction RPG inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, Diablo, and League of Legends. Team up in groups of three and use your courage and cunning to fight, loot, and live to tell the tale.

You’ll explore the beautiful but deadly world as Seekers, a collection of adventurers with unique backgrounds and abilities. Hunt epic loot and priceless treasures and earn legendary rewards while encountering magical creatures, powerful bosses, and enemy Seekers trying to stop you and your friends.

There are six playable Seekers to start closed alpha, with more to come. Each Seeker offers a unique playstyle and potent abilities; here’s a look at four of them:

  1. Zuraya
  2. An experienced warrior in harmony with the wind, Zuraya easily flows through close-quarters combat.
  3. Kumu
  4. An ancient protector in a sturdy visage, Kumu unleashes the power of the Everbloom to shield and defend his allies.
  5. Lily
  6. A talented sculptor and auspicious mage, Lily controls the battlefield by conjuring stunning but deadly ice forms.
  7. Joon
  8. An unapologetic rebel with a flair for the dramatic, Joon unleashes barrages of bullets to execute enemies.

In Seekers of Skyveil, bigger stakes yield bigger rewards. Challenge yourself, challenge your team, and master your Seeker. Every choice – from which route to take, when to engage in combat, and what gear to wear – has consequences. Learn from every experience, and you might make it out alive.



Seekers of Skyveil is entering closed alpha, where we’ll continue building our game with an exclusive group of playtesters. For your chance to play, sign up to playtest, and join our Discord community for alpha key giveaways.

Our first closed alpha playtest will be on Thursday, October 20th, and we’ll continue playtesting regularly throughout the year. We’re excited about the future of Seekers of Skyveil and can’t wait to share it with more players and continue building this game alongside our community!

For more chances to playtest, join our Discord server, and for the latest updates, follow us on Twitter  (@playseekers), Instagram (@seekersofskyveil), or YouTube (@seekersofskyveil). If you’re a creator who enjoys jumping in on the ground floor, you can sign up for our closed alpha creator program.

Seekers of Skyveil is the first game from Elodie Games, a recently formed studio of industry veterans from top studios such as Riot Games, Blizzard, and Ubisoft. Follow Elodie Games on LinkedIn for studio updates.