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Oct 26, 2023

Hardcore tactical turn-based RPG set during the medieval age BEAST begins Early Access today

From Press Release:

London, UK – October 26, 2023 – Developer False Prophet is today launching its brutal tactical turn-based RPG BEAST into Early Access on Steam.

This first Early Access version of the game comes with two main character story arcs spanning over 20 missions, multiple companions and hours of replayable content to explore.

BEAST will be available in Early Access on PC – Steam (and Steam Deck) from October 25th 2023 for 24.99 EUR/24.99USD/20.99 GBP. During Steam Scream Fest between October 26th and November 2nd the cost will be reduced to 19,99 USD/EUR and 16,99 GBP! Full release is expected in 2024

In BEAST, players will make moral decisions that affect the story and gameplay during gridless, turn-based combat. In a gritty medieval time torn apart by plagues and military conflict, players will traverse the Carpathian Mountains through an engaging story told & played from two opposite sides.

After escaping ten years of slavery from the Ottoman Empire, protagonist Anton Sabbados returns home to discover everything has changed. Finding no time for solace, Anton is ordered to accept one last mission from Prophet-King Lurius. Struggling with his sanity, Anton sets out with his companions.

When antagonist Prince Nicolai learns that Anton has been given a critical mission by his father, King Lurius, the Prince sets out to stop Anton for his own selfish reasons…

Exercise or excorcise your inner beast

Players must choose to either unleash their inner demon for a short-term gain or restrain it, striving for long-term sanity and control. Advanced skill trees and perks will allow you to stay sane and protect your people or succumb to powerful insanity, killing everyone in your way. Your moral choices will affect relations with your companions and their destinies.

“We’ve always wanted to create a tactical RPG dealing with mature themes that will challenge your moral compass. Exploring this dark part of our human history has allowed us to create something truly unique. Now it’s time to bring in the players on our journey to complete this vision. We hope they will see the promise and support our team in completing our vision! – Piotr Pacynko, Founder & Creative Director at False Prophet