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Nov 02, 2023

art of rally heads to Australia in first paid DLC on November 16th

From Press Release:

After many free updates, developer Funselektor announced today that the indie racing hit art of rally will be getting its first premium DLC! The Australia DLC has you behind the wheel for a memorable off-road adventure down under and introduces new tracks, cars, a big free roaming area and new tunes!

The Australia DLC will be available on November 16 for $8.99 USD/$8.99 EUR on PC and consoles soon after.

The studio also announced an iOS and Android version of art of rally today that will be launching in mid-December 2023!

About the Australia DLC

The Australia DLC adds:

  • 6 stunning new tracks (Gum Scrub, Toorooka, Nulla Nulla, Comara Canyon, Lake Lucernia, Wombamurra)

  • 1 big freeroam location (Comara)

  • 4 new cars, (The Rotary Kei, Das Scholar, Das Maestro, and The Kingpin)

  • 2 new tunes recorded with a didgeridoo by Tatreal

About “art of rally”

With 93% positive reviews (3,800+ in total) on Steam, art of rally is a stylized driving experience inspired by the golden era of rally that takes players all across the world to drive through beautiful and soothing environments inspired by real locations from Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany.


About Funselektor:
Indie developer Dune “Funselektor” Casu has a thing for racing, as his games suggest. After releasing Absolute Drift in 2015, Dune first launched art of rally on PC in September 2020, a homage to the golden years of rally and cool vintage cars – now on Xbox consoles, Xbox GamePass, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5. When he’s not programming games, you can find Dune all across Canada and the US, driving around in his van/office-on-wheels.