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Nov 03, 2023

FWsim – Fireworks Display Simulator exits Early Access and releases in full today on Steam

From Press Release:

Experience the beauty and magic of fireworks in 3D locations from anywhere in the world – a memorable spot, your old town or that place where you first kissed. FWsim: Fireworks Display Simulator releases today on Steam for €24,99 / $24,99! This creative sandbox allows players to express their creativity and have fun designing the most amazing fireworks displays ever seen — all in iconic real-world 3D locations and arranged to your favorite music! With its Google Maps integration, you can import any location in the world in full 3D – and shoot your fireworks from your local town, or even your front porch! 500 realistic firework effects give you absolute freedom to live the dream of wielding the magic of fireworks in your hands. You can share your creations with your friends in 4K resolution, easily sharable on YouTube and other social media platforms.

FWsim was first released in 2010 as a fireworks display planning software, aimed at pyrotechnic professionals and fireworks enthusiasts. FWsim is engineered for professionals but designed to be user-friendly for anyone to enjoy. The software is used by real fireworks companies in 40 countries to plan their shows. Our community of virtual fireworks enthusiasts has created more than 30.000 shows to date.

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  • Load the entire world in 3D. Thanks to data from Google Earth you can now simulate fireworks displays in real places even with their surroundings.
  • If that’s not enough, you can import 3D models you find on the internet.
  • New graphics.
  • Add water to any 3D scenery.
  • Create complex color-changing effects.Fireworks now can change their colors up to four times. You can also turn blinking on and off for each color separately.
  • Easier placement of fireworks on 3D buildings.

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  • Design your unique fireworks displays combining music, fireworks and 3D models.
  • Share your creations exporting the video up to 4K resolution, compatible with Youtube and social media channels.
  • Great optimization: flawless performance even when designing massive displays.
  • Choose between 500 realistic firework effects already included.
  • Create your own effects by combining individual components, just like real fireworks manufacturers  do!
  • Sync your fireworks with your favorite music and add spectacular camera movement.
  • Feel every explosion thanks to recorded real sounds.
  • Enjoy your creations in realistic 3D environments with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building
  • … or have them light up wherever you want by importing 3D buildings – from your own backyard to world-famous landmarks..