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Nov 06, 2023

BlizzCon 2023: Cataclysm Classic announced for WoW Classic

From Press Release:

Deathwing the Destroyer will soon return to Azeroth, leaving a festering wound across the continents that will forever change the landscapes of the world. As announced from the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony, World of Warcraft’s third fiery expansion, Cataclysm Classic, will usher in a new era for WoW Classic with an improved leveling experience, new dungeon difficulty system, and more!

Cataclysm Classic will launch in 2024 and comes with slew of new content and a few quality-of-life changes including:

  • New Level Cap: 85
  • New Races: Worgen & Goblin
    • Play as the enigmatic and fierce Worgen, cursed citizens of Gilneas who have tamed their wild instincts as they seek allies in the Alliance.
    • Aid the shipwrecked Bilgewater Cartel Goblins as they seen a new home in the Horde in the wake of Deathwing’s destruction of their island nation.
  • New Profession: Archeology
  • Archaeology allows players to explore digsites across Azeroth to learn more about the history of the world’s storied races while earning rewards in the process.
  • A little bit of modernization:
    • A limited number of features will be new to Cataclysm Classic that were not originally available when the expansion first launched in 2010:
  • Increased and streamlined leveling: with a faster cadence for content updates, leveling speeds will be adjusted to give players the ability to jump into the new expansion quicker.
  • Expanded collections UI: first introduced in Wrath Classic, that will enable account-wide management of the new transmogrification system.
  • Dungeon difficulty modifiers: The Titan Rune dungeon system introduced in Wrath Classic will return to provide new challenges for dungeon runners.
  • Optional bundles to celebrate Deathwing’s return
    • Two new bundles will be available starting today for Classic players who wish to commemorate the return of the fallen Earth-warder:
  • Blazing Heroic Pack, $30 USD: includes a flying Ragnaros mount and Lil’ Wrathion pet, both usable in the modern game and Classic, and a twilight cultist transmog set and goblin town toy, both unique to Classic.
  • Blazing Epic Upgrade, $80 USD: all items included in the Heroic pack, plus a level 80 boost (with catch-up gear, bags, and a small amount of gold) and 30 days of game time.

For more information on Cataclysm Classic, be sure to check out the World of Warcraft website.