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Nov 06, 2023

The Elephant Collection is out now on PC via Steam, GOG,, and Humble

From Press Release:

Davis, California (November 6, 2023) – The team at Wonderful Elephant would like to extend our heartfelt apologies for the public distress caused by today’s release of The Elephant Collection, a compilation of ten highly popular games by creator John Cooney. While designed with the utmost respect for these majestic creatures through achievement hunting, metagaming, and a soundtrack of happy-hardcore music and polka, we acknowledge some elements may not live up to the actual lives and accomplishments of our most loved animal kingdom friends.

“Why do the elephants poop pastries?” John’s six-year-old daughter challenges. While she digresses, “It’s kinda funny,” she goes on to explain that elephants in real life do not defecate any sort of confection or baked goods. Likewise, players globally have been quick to point out that elephants also do not live in hamster cages, drink coffee, participate in raves, or shoot lasers from backpacks.

The decalogy of games in The Elephant Collection have been remastered and preserved for the millions of players who played the original games, and now distributed on Steam,, Humble, and GOG for the first time. With hits like Achievement Unlocked, This is the Only Level, and Elephant Quest playable in fullscreen outside of Flash/browser for the first time, it drums up concerns that these untrue depictions of elephants are continuing to get perpetrated to new audiences.

“At Wonderful Elephant we are committed to rectifying these concerns,” Cooney somberly shares. “While I agree with my daughter that elephants pooping pastries is hilarious, we do need to acknowledge our embellishments and do away with overcomplicated sphere grid RPG elephant leveling systems. We apologize to anyone who has been affected by any of the games in The Elephant Collection.”

The Elephant Collection releases today on Steam,, Humble, and GOG for $14.99 USD, and is available on both PC and Mac platforms.

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