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Nov 13, 2023

Life sim Spirittea, inspired by Spirited Away and Stardew Valley is out today for PC, Game Pass, and Switch

From Press Release:

MANCHESTER, NOVEMBER 13 2023 – Publishing label No More Robots (Hypnospace Outlaw, Descenders, Yes Your Grace) and development studio Cheesemaster Games are thrilled to announce that Spirittea, the rural life sim inspired by Studio Ghibli classic Spirited Away, is out now on Xbox and PC Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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Inspired in equal measure by iconic life sim Stardew Valley, and classic spirit-focused anime and manga like Spirited Away, Spirittea follows a writer who has escaped to the countryside, in order to clear their head and find inspiration for their next novel.

However, after accidentally drinking from an old mystical teapot, our protagonist begins to see the spirit world overlapping with their reality.

Wonyan, a nuisance cat spirit and faithful guide, shows our writer how many spirits need saving — and hands over the keys to an old bathhouse, where spirits go to relax.

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Spirittea is a life sim, management game, and detective game all in one. Players live day to day, finding local NPCs and spirits to help, and taking part in tons of different hobbies, ranging from bug catching to karaoke.

Every spirit you help will then turn up at your bathhouse, where you can offer them towels, salts, snacks, and a lovely hot soak. Upgrading your bathhouse with new furniture, rooms and baths is key to attracting the most exciting spirits, including elusive Lord Spirits, who take up an entire room each.

Spirittea is out now on PC, Game Pass and Nintendo Switch.