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Nov 16, 2023

Arma Reforger launches out of Early Access today

From Press Release:

Prague, November 16th, 2023 – Developers from Bohemia Interactive are proud to announce that the latest installment in the critically acclaimed Arma series, Arma Reforger, is leaving the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview programs today. With the release of 1.0, players on both PC and Xbox consoles can experience Arma Reforger’s cross-platform multiplayer PvPvE combat with the crucial addition of helicopters and a brand-new supply system. Version 1.0 means that the core gameplay functionality of Arma Reforger is now live, but there’s more to come, as shown in the newly updated roadmap.


Arma Reforger was released to Early Access on 17 May 2022. Since then, the Development Team has been tirelessly chipping away at the initial project roadmap and listening closely to the feedback of the community to shape the game’s development. During Early Access, many new features and assets were added, including the island of Arland, a comprehensive medical system, new weapons and mines, and many performance improvements and optimizations.

With the completion of the features in the Ground Support milestone and the addition of helicopters and supplies, the core gameplay features of Arma Reforger have now been implemented, and the Development Team has deemed it ready to exit Early Access.

While 1.0 marks the official release of Arma Reforger, development on the game will continue until the completion of the project’s Roadmap.

Main Features

  • Game Modes
    Take to the battlefield in one of Arma Reforger’s two multiplayer game modes. Select a side and fight for the islands of Everon or Arland in Conflict, or edit scenarios in Game Master and manage events as they unfold, guiding players through the chaos of war. The Conflict game mode has been completely redesigned for 1.0 to center the action on a new and improved supply system. To achieve victory, it’s no longer enough to push back the opposing side by force of arms. Securing and redistributing supplies are now equally important, just as they are in real-world operations.

    Additionally, players can play solo or cooperatively in the Combat Ops game mode, where they embark upon missions on Arland against enemy AI.

  • Authentic Cold War Assets
    Fight as either the US or Soviet armed forces with iconic 1980s weapons, equipment, and vehicles. New to 1.0, take to the skies and experience a different perspective with the new Soviet Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter and the US UH-1H utility helicopter, which provide a much-needed tactical dimension and allow for greater mobility across the battlefield. Envelop the enemy, extract friendlies, or simply fly logistics runs in these legendary helicopters.

  • Complex In-game Systems
    Arma Reforger features complex, underlying, in-game systems that add depth and realism to the military-simulatory experience. A comprehensive medical system allows players to heal themselves and others, as well as to revive other players. The new supply system allows for the building of support structures, repairing and refueling vehicles, and strategic logistics operations, as well as adding an overall dimension of tactical authenticity to the game. In addition, realistic ballistics, ballistic protection, and vehicle damage systems provide a foundation for countless hours of immersive gameplay.

  • Multi-platform
    Experience authentic combat on both Xbox and PC, for the first time in the Arma series.

  • Workbench
    Thanks to the Enfusion engine, the community can mod Arma Reforger using the exact same tools used to make it. Players can create new mechanics, assets, gameplay scenarios, etc., and upload them to the Workshop for others to download.

  • Workshop
    The Workshop is Bohemia Interactive’s own integrated repository service, where both console and PC players can download and play add-ons created by PC users.

To see what else is new in 1.0, you can view the full changelog here.


While previous Arma titles were all based upon the Real Virtuality engine, Arma Reforger has been built from the ground up on Bohemia Interactive’s all-new Enfusion Engine, bringing additional functionality and more immersive in-game environments to the renowned military simulator.

The Enfusion Engine represents 20 years of experience in game engine development packaged into a powerful toolset. It fuses the clear architecture, portability, and user-friendliness of the Enforce Engine with the scale, multiplayer capabilities, and simulation depth of the Real Virtuality Engine.

Building from scratch in parallel with the new engine means that features cannot be simply ported over from previous installments of the Arma franchise, and requires the close collaboration of both the Arma Reforger and Enfusion Engine teams. While this does require more initial time investment, it is paving the way for a much richer feature set with capabilities far beyond those that have been seen in previous Arma installments.

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