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Nov 20, 2023

Bingobell announces that KAKU: Ancient Seal will join the Steam Autumn Sale with 25% discount

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From Press Release:

We’re delighted to share exciting news about the action-adventure game, “KAKU: Ancient Seal,” developed by Bingobell. Brace yourself for an epic journey as Kaku, immersing yourself in a vast continent teeming with challenges and mystical adventures.

As we enter the enchanting season of autumn, “KAKU: Ancient Seal” will be featured in the Steam Autumn Sale from Nov. 21st, 10:00 AM PST, to 28th, 10:00 AM PST, offering an unprecedented 25% discount. This is a unique opportunity to experience the game at a historical low price.

While “KAKU: Ancient Seal” initially launched on Steam for early access in May of this year, this special occasion allows players to delve into the game with a significant discount. Don’t miss the chance to share this news with fellow gamers and friends who would love to embark on this extraordinary adventure.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as Kaku awaits you with open arms!

Steam Store Page:

Game Introduction:
KAKU: Ancient Seal is an open world ARPG game. players in the role of Kaku who’s tasked with going on a journey across a sprawling continent to restore balance to the land. Accompanied by your pet pig, you’ll have to brave the four elemental regions,solve mysterious puzzles and conquer their lords.

For more details and to stay connected with the KAKU: Ancient Seal community, check out the links below:

Twitter: @KakuAncientSeal