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Nov 22, 2023

Fanatec and Sparco partner for the Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally, which brings real-life wheels to your home

From Press Release:

Landshut, November 22, 2023 – Sim racing giant Fanatec and Italian auto part and accessory company Sparco announce a partnership to further fuse the worlds of track and sim racing.

The first product is the Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally, which launched on October 31st, after the WRC Central European Rally 2023.

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The new steering wheel combines the official Sparco R383 wheel rim with the Podium Button Module Rally, as featured in the race-winning cars of the M-Sport Rally team, M-Sport UK Limited. The Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally is another example of Fanatec bringing actual racing equipment to the sim racing world, further working on their mission to diffuse the line between real-world and virtual racing.

The name is an homage to legendary driver Sébastien Loeb’s unforgettable Monte Carlo rally victory. Loeb won using the same product combination that Fanatec and Sparco are now making available to the sim racing community. With this partnership, all levels of racers will be able to channel their inner Loeb.

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With this new partnership, Fanatec and Sparco are looking at an exciting Q4 2023 where Fanatec will also begin releasing replicas of fan-favorite Sparco wheels designed specifically for sim racing.

Fanatec and Sparco are dedicated to developing and releasing further products that bring autosport and sim racing together in the near future.c02f48fc 358e 4e44 8ba0 78dd04737a9d

Founder and CEO of Fanatec, Thomas Jackermeier, said of the partnership:

“Fanatec is extremely proud to work with Sparco. This partnership brings two key brands on either side of the racing spectrum together. It is incredibly exciting that together with Sparco we can once again deliver a product to the sim racing community that is being used in real-world racing, in this case, the Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally. In Sparco, we have found an ideal partner for such corporations.”

Sparco’s brand manager, Niccolò Bellazzini, is equally excited:

“It was natural for us to find collaboration with a prestigious brand like Fanatec, with whom we share a passion for motorsport and virtual simulation racing. The result of our collaboration could only lead to an excellent product built in partnership with one of the strongest partners in the World Rally Championship, M-Sport. The Sparco-Fanatec steering wheel is the perfect synthesis of the real and the virtual, and we believe it can provide the best driving experience even to gaming enthusiasts.”

The Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally can be pre-ordered now, and will be available from December 4, 2023.