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Feb 26, 2024

FIFINE Ampligame AM8 RGB USB/XLR Dynamic Mic Review

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Retails for: $54.99
We Recommend: $54.99
  • Developer: FIFINE
  • Publisher: FIFINE
  • Genre: Hardware, Microphone
  • Released: Nov 22, 2022
  • Platform: Windows
  • Reviewed: Windows

In a world saturated with audio equipment, the FIFINE AM8 microphone is a beacon of affordability without compromising quality and versatility. But does the AM8’s design, features, and performance outclass its budget pricing, or are you getting what you pay for?

FIFINEAmpligameAM8RGBUSBXLRDynamicMic review1

Out of the box, the AM8 arrives with a USB Type-A to Type-C cable. FIFINE has also considered more advanced users by providing an XLR option, although I should note that the XLR cable is not included. The USB connection is not just for data transfer; it’s a gateway to the microphone’s vibrant RGB lighting, elevating your setup aesthetics.

The unit is built with a lightweight plastic body for the lower portion, and while it might not have the more solid feel of something like my HyperX Quadcast, it doesn’t feel poorly built or flimsy. The top of the microphone includes a removable foam windscreen that will eliminate the plosives and wind noises. As a bonus, its shape is taken into account with the mic’s design as it flows right into the mic body, giving the whole unit a singular shape. Beneath the foam cover lies a protective metal cage, cradling the single dynamic pickup featuring a cardioid polar pattern. This pattern is perfect for a single-target recording. The AM8 is excellent at capturing sound directly in front of the mic while minimizing extraneous noise. According to FIFINE’s specifications, the microphone sports a frequency response of 50Hz-16kHz, offering a versatile range for diverse recording scenarios.

FIFINEAmpligameAM8RGBUSBXLRDynamicMic review2

The AM8 exhibits a user-friendly design with a single microphone indicator icon at the center. This icon serves a dual purpose: it shows whether the microphone is muted and doubles as a touch-sensitive mute button. I never ran into an issue where I had accidentally pressed the button either, so it is placed in a good spot, and the sensitivity isn’t too high. The AM8 uses three controls on the body, two knobs, and a touch-sensitive button. At the top is that touch-sensitive lighting control icon that allows users to adjust the integrated RGB lighting at the microphone’s base. Tapping the icon will cycle between the multiple RGB color modes while holding it down will turn off the lights. There is also a microphone gain knob, providing a simple yet effective way to adjust your, well, gain. Completing the trio is the volume knob for the real-time 3.5mm headphone monitoring.

The microphone is affixed to a swiveling mount, which can be paired with the included metal base or attached to a microphone arm for those preferring an elevated setup. The round metal base, a part of the package, is impressive with its weight, providing stability during use. The rubber material on the bottom ensured it stayed in place, even during my more animated moments.

FIFINEAmpligameAM8RGBUSBXLRDynamicMic review3

Setting up the FIFINE AM8 is a straightforward process. Upon connection to Windows, the OS swiftly recognized the microphone. The manual even mentions its compatibility with PS4/5 via USB, showcasing the microphone’s versatility across different platforms. The ease of use here makes this a great USB plug-and-play microphone option. One notable feature is the AM8’s capability to use the XLR and USB connections simultaneously. This allows users to send audio to two sources concurrently, a handy feature for streamers or content creators looking to manage multiple audio streams. Heck, my HyperX Quadcast can’t boast that.

In my tests on the PC, the FIFINE AM8 showcased impressive audio quality during my Discord calls. I even gave it a go on my video recordings via my iPhone! The microphone’s clarity and crispness stood out, offering a significant upgrade compared to wireless Lavalier microphones or even the built-in microphone. Connecting it to an iPhone via a USB to Lightning adapter (powered) gave me great results that surpassed my expectations. You can hear and see an example of the microphone in action here:


In budget-friendly microphones, the FIFINE AM8 emerges as a compelling choice for those entering the world of audio recording or seeking a reliable backup option. Its affordability, robust design, versatile features, and impressive audio performance make it an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned users alike. If you’re starting your journey into streaming or podcasting or even looking for an affordable yet high-quality microphone, the FIFINE AM8 is worth serious consideration; it’s a great stepping stone to professional sound without breaking the bank.

The Ampligame AM8 RGB USB/XLR Dynamic Mic was provided by FIFINE for review purposes