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Mar 15, 2024

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS celebrates its 7th Anniversary with rewards and event in Update 28.2


From Press Release:

KRAFTON, Inc. has launched an update to commemorate the 7th anniversary of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. First launched as an Early Access title on Steam in 2017, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is a leading title in the battle royale genre, having been selected for the Platinum tier in Steam’s Top Selling and Most Played games categories every year for seven consecutive years and recording the highest-ever number of concurrent players on Steam with 3.25 million. The game celebrates its 7th anniversary on March 23.

Celebrations Across All Maps

To celebrate the 7th anniversary, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is hosting a party for all players. Erangel’s schools and cafés have been transformed into party venues with 7th anniversary themes. Café vending machines offer a 7% chance of dispensing Energy Drinks decorated in anniversary themes. Throwable cupcakes and surprise gift boxes have been placed on the starting islands of all maps. Additionally, billboards, decorations, Care Packages, and starting plane banners across all maps have been adorned with 7th anniversary theming.

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7th Anniversary Pack

Players can acquire the 7th Anniversary Pack by visiting the event page and pressing the Join Event button from today through to April 8. Upon completing missions, players will be rewarded with 7th anniversary costume items, G-COIN, and Contraband Coupons.

7th Anniversary Screenshot Event

The 7th Anniversary Screenshot Event, running until March 27, encourages participants to take screenshots alongside the 7th anniversary decorations in Erangel and post them to community channels. Prizes include the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Razer Gaming Set, Samsung 990 Pro 1TB, and a customized PUBG 7th Anniversary Keycap Set.

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Gunplay Labs

Update 28.2 has introduced the ‘Gunplay Labs’ to the Arcade, as outlined in the PUBG 2024 Roadmap announcement. Players can now test the SMG Rebalance, which is targeted for release around mid-year, in the Arcade and Custom Match and provide feedback through a survey. The dev team plans to proceed with the Gunplay update based on the player feedback.

For more details on the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 7th anniversary and Update 28.2, please visit

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