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Apr 02, 2024

Free Roam Missions & Events, Call to Arms, Telegram Missions, and more coming this month in Red Dead Online


From Press Release:

From archery competitions to capturing territory, Free Roam Events are a great way for new Red Dead Online players to get acquainted with the frontier — and they are awarding 4X XP through April 29.

Venture forth with an entrepreneurial spirit as figures near and far beckon for your help with Free Roam Missions and you’ll acquire 3X RDO$ and XP for your efforts.

All of these efforts are made easier this month as Fast Travel Fees are waived for all.


 3X RDO$ and XP on Telegram Missions

Telegram Missions offer opportunities to test your skill and make serious money while dispensing your own brand of justice, often detailing nefarious plots such as stealing prized horses and gems. If you haven’t yet, collect the Telegrams from your local Post Office or your Camp Lockbox, then open your Player Menu to launch into Telegram Missions for 3X RDO$ and XP this month.

Plus, complete any A New Source of Employment Telegram Mission to receive the North Tumbleweed Treasure Map.


3X RDO$ and XP on A Land of Opportunities

Lend your skill set to the widowed Jessica LeClerk and avenge her late husband in A Land of Opportunities missions for a handsome 3X RDO$ and XP through April 29.


2X Gold and 2X Ability Card XP on Call to Arms

There’s no time for rest and relaxation as marauding delinquents are constantly in search of their next conquest. Defend vulnerable outposts and innocent citizens against waves of enemy forces in Call to Arms for 2X Gold and 2X Ability Card XP.

Players with the determination to make it to Wave 10 will receive the red and orange Ortega Vest.


Free Roam Event Rewards

In addition to reaping 4X XP, participate in any Free Roam Event between now and April 29 to receive the following rewards each week this month:

  • April 2 – 8: A pair of red and orange Furred Gloves
  • April 9 – 15: An Offer for 40% off an Ability Card Upgrade
  • April 16 – 22: A pair of black Pelt Half Chaps
  • April 23 – 29: 3 Fire Bottles and 3 Toxic Moonshine

Monthly Rewards

Complete 3 Daily Challenges anytime this month to receive an Offer for 40% off a CoatPremium Cigarettes, and a Reward of 5000 XP.

Pad your artillery collection by purchasing a Weapon Modification to receive 50 Repeater and 50 Rifle High Velocity Ammo. Plus, Craft an Item in Gus’ Store to receive an Offer for 50% off the Navy Revolver.


2X RDO$ and XP on the Featured Series

Dive headfirst into a buffet of hardcore modes — including a showdown that takes place in the rugged and unforgiving state of New Austin — in this month’s Featured Series. Partake in any of the following to earn 2X RDO$ and XP through April 29:

  • April 2 – 8: Hardcore Head for the Hills
  • April 9 – 15: Hardcore New Austin Series
  • April 16 – 22: Hardcore Showdown Series
  • April 23 – 29: Hardcore Pro Series


 Free Community-Inspired Outfit

Don a community-inspired Outfit created by YouTuber Riding in Style: Wild West Fashion for free. This gunslinger’s garb combines stealthy dark hues with wearable weaponry for an intimidating fit.

Claim the pieces below for free from participating Tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue through April 29:

Returning for a limited time, the Eberhart CoatCarver PantsStrickland Boots, and Gardenia Hat are also available for sale until April 29.

Recent Updates

Our recent maintenance-focused Title Update addresses a number of fixes for security and stability in Red Dead Online, as well as improvements made to address the issue where players become stuck when entering the stables or are unable to summon horses and wagons. Additionally, Voice Chat now defaults to off. For a list of the general fixes and improvements, check out the Rockstar Support site.


  • Fast Travel Fees Waived
  • Arabian Horses – 30% off
  • Melee Weapons – 40% off
  • Hunting Knife Style Customizations – 40% off
  • Shotguns and Shotgun Ammo – 40% off
  • Shotgun Style Customizations – 30% off
  • Improved Bow – 40% off
  • Arrows – 40% off
  • Bandoliers, Boots, and Hats – 30% off