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May 23, 2024

Ouros, the calming puzzle game is out now for PC via Steam and

From Press Release:

Brooklyn, New York (May 22, 2024) – Today, Ouros, a calming puzzle game about forming beautiful curves in a serene space, has launched for PC, Steam Deck, and Mac via Steam and for $4.99 USD. From solo developer Michael Kamm as part of New York City’s GUMBO Collective, Ouros was first created from the long-running Ludum Dare game jam and awarded a Fellowship grant by Astra Games.

From May 23 through 30, Ouros will be featured in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase. Since 2022, the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase has spotlighted the latest and greatest puzzle games of all kinds.

Ouros is a calming puzzle game about form, fluidity, and motion. Find your flow as you nudge, bend, and stretch curves into pleasing shapes. Set in a dreamy space and with toy-like mechanics, Ouros invites players to appreciate the simple elegance of math.

Key gameplay features include:

  • 120+ Handcrafted Puzzles – Ouros is a peaceful 2-4 hour journey with 120+ handcrafted puzzles across 11 unique chapters. Players encounter a variety of new mechanics, such as portals, multi-hit targets, and do-not-enter zones, and create beautiful complex forms like figure-8s, helixes, and spirals.
  • An Original Spline-based Control Scheme – The curves in Ouros are implemented by a mathematical function called a spline. Splines are used in real-world applications such as vector illustration and computer aided design, but they are completely novel in a gameplay context.
  • Innate Mathematical Beauty – Many aspects of the game are derived from splines: the graceful motion of the orb, the aesthetic forms you create, even the lush gradient backgrounds. Ouros showcases the innate beauty of math.
  • Gentle Gameplay – A fluid gameplay experience free of timers, scores, and dexterity requirements, along with a flexible level progression and gentle hint system, allows players to engage at their own pace.
  • A Serene Space – The dreamlike visuals and soothing ambient soundscapes combine into a mesmerizing experience for you to relax and get lost in the flow.

For more information, please visit and follow the game on Steam and X. The Ouros press kit is here.

About the developer: Michael Kamm is a solo developer based in Brooklyn, New York and part of the GUMBO Collective. Ouros will be his first commercial title. It began life as a jam game—initially titled Splines ‘n Shapes—for Ludum Dare 47. Enamored by the visual beauty of splines and their potential as a game mechanic, Michael has been working diligently on Ouros ever since. He can’t wait to get it into your hands!