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May 23, 2024

World War III RTS WARNO exits Early Access for 1.0 release today

From Press Release:

May 23rd, 2024 – Paris, France |  Eugen Systems have announced that after 2 years, 100’s of devlogs, and even more updates and patches, Warno, their highly acclaimed World War III battle simulator RTS, has finished Early Access and launched into version 1.0 on Steam. 
Warno (Warning Order) is a systems deep, highly immersive real-time strategy game from the famed RTS developers behind the Steel Division and Wargame franchises. Set in alternate 1980s during the final years of the Cold War where instead of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Third World War unfolds between NATO and the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact forces.

1000 Different Units, 6 Playable Sides and 18 Divisions.

Compose your army from a massive pool of infantry, armor, support, artillery, air, and logistics unit types. Then strategically deploy and control your forces as you balance multiple battlefield factors that come as close to real warfare as possible.

Authentic Realism in Gameplay and Multiple Modes

Meticulously researched and painstakingly recreated, over 1000 historically accurate units are available to pick from, thus creating armies that each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Take on the role of army commander for the U.S., West Germany, United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union or East Germany in various modes from single-player campaigns, online competitive or online cooperative that can range from 1v1 to to 10v10 battles.

What Comes Next For Warno?

“We still get 1000’s of daily players on our previous games, some that are 10 years old. You only acheive something like that by providing proper post-launch support so we plan to give the same amount of attention and care to our Warno community.” – Cedric Le Dressay, Eugen Systems Cofounder

Eugene Systems will be supporting the game with long-term post-launch support, something they have proven with the level of support given to their previous titles, Steel Division 2 and Wargame: Red Dragon.

The team has already openly committed to adding more single-player campaigns, more units, more maps, and more operations (curated battle scenarios that can be played in co-op or competitive online) to Warno, both via paid DLCS and some as free updates.

A free update pack was also made available to all Early Access owners as thank-you for their support which added additional units and 5 new Divisions for both NATO and Warsaw Pact sides.

Strong Numbers Already Amassed

Since launching into Early Access in January 2022, Warno has already amassed a strong player base with 250,000+ copies sold and is currently rated 82% positive on Steam from 7600+ reviews.

Game Features

  • Experience in-depth and realistic real-time strategy Cold War-era warfare. From tactics to technology and hundreds of painstakingly researched and recreated military units from NATO’s and Warsaw Pact’s arsenals.
  • Get to know each unit in detail in Armory, and use this knowledge to your advantage as you build, customize and fine-tune each unique battlegroup.
  • Witness a battlefield of highly detailed environments and brutal destruction. The latest incarnation of Eugen’s proprietary engine simulates modern combat to the fullest extent.
  • Take on maps and missions in either solo, competitive online or cooperative Each map has a unique set of objectives with a dynamic frontline that directly results in one side’s victory or defeat.
  • Battle against a smart and truly challenging AI or pit your tactics and strategy against other players, from ranked 1v1 to all-encompassing 10v10 battles.
  • Dive into do-or-die Operations or the massive turn-based Army General strategic campaigns depicting some of the hardest-fought “what if” scenarios of a Cold War turned hot. Massive Warsaw Pact armies square off against the NATO formations for a vicious fight across Western Europe.
  • Taking advantage of Eugen Systems’ game experience and previous titles,  a host of quality-of-life enhancements will appeal to new and veteran players alike, from issuing commands during pre-combat deployment to AI-assisted Smart Orders.