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Lake Review

Oct 14, 2021

Lake is a relaxing breath of fresh air in a saturated market of tense-filled, stress-inducing, action entertainment. Completing the simple tasks they ask of you, delivering the mail is so peaceful and soothing. But along your journey to finish this game, you get to learn more about this little town and your character Meredith Weiss.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Review

Sep 29, 2021

If you’re curious, the Super Monkey Ball formula still works in 2021. There’s something to the whole puzzle-challenge aspect that tingles the right nerves, keeping me playing for longer sessions than I anticipated. Banana Mania is a remastered bundle of the first two games with roughly 300 levels in all. Top that with additional game modes and unlocks; Banana Mania will keep you entertained for quite a bit.

SkateBIRD Review

Sep 16, 2021

I like birds. I don’t know why; I just do. I also enjoy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, which I do know why. It’s fun, easily accessible, challenging to master, and it’s quick to get you into the action. SkateBIRD combines these two things and attempts to pull off a cute and wholesome Pro Skater all about trying to do your best. With birds, adorable little birds.

Cruis’n Blast Review

Sep 14, 2021

The Cruis’n series is something I constantly refer back to in my comparisons to other arcade racers. The original arcade cabinet and the N64 releases are what I want out of an arcade racing game. I look for cars that a very close to licensed if not licensed, fast courses, and physics that feel tight and responsive. I want the racing to be nail-biting intense, and Cruis’n Blast is precisely that, a perfect example of how good arcade racing can be when handled properly. Cruis’n Blast is incredibly fun to play, and you might say it’s a… blast.

EPOS H3 Gaming Headset Review

Sep 13, 2021

For a headset that costs $119, there isn’t much to the EPOS H3. It’s a wired gaming headset with a 3.5mm connection, and that’s about it. But there are some nice touches to its build that make it quite a nice headset to use. So yes, the EPOS H3 isn’t perfect, but it does justify its cost.

Cookie Clicker Review

Sep 07, 2021

I never thought I would sit here one day and write a review on Cookie Clicker, an idle game of all things. For me, since probably 2014, it has always been this lonely little Chrome tab that just accumulated cookies in the background while I surfed the internet. Who would want to know more about this silly little game I’ve come to enjoy? But with a Steam release, and the ability to import my save, I had to write down a few words on this.

Death’s Door Review

Aug 20, 2021

Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve have teamed up again to bring us one of the best indie titles this year. Back in 2015, they worked together to publish one of my favorites of that year, Titan Souls. After playing through Death’s Door, you can feel the similarities, and I love it.

Audeze Penrose Gaming Headset Review

Jul 15, 2021

Gaming Headsets run the gamut in quality and cost. At $299, the Audeze Penrose gaming headset sits on the higher end of that spectrum and delivers a rich audio sound, thanks in part to its 100mm planar magnetic drivers. Although considering its Audeze’s least expensive option for gaming headsets, the Penrose still feels like a great choice in that price range.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review

Jun 25, 2021

Bioware has had many successful franchises over the years, but none have connected with me more, or it seems the general gaming public, as much as Mass Effect. Mass Effect has seemingly become part of pop culture. As with other high-profile Sci-fi properties, I’ve run into my share of N7 apparel out in the wild and Mass Effect flair plastered over people’s, well, anything. You haven’t made it until they make a license plate bracket out of your property. Why yes, Mrs. green Ford Focus in the parking lot, my other ride is also the Normandy. Even after the few downs, the series has fallen into, it still holds on to a passionate fanbase. With the release of the Legendary Edition, we can all relive our Shepard’s tale, with a sharper coat of paint.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Review

Mar 17, 2021

In 2019, I reviewed Monster Jam Steel Titans and felt it was middle of the road. I’m here now with the sequel, Steel Titans 2, and though I think: it’s an upgrade, and there are things the game does that make my time with it less than enjoyable. The initial presentation of colorful open worlds feels deceitful when you find out there mostly isn’t much to do within them. Overall, you find out quickly how much of a slog things are.

HITMAN 3 Review

Feb 08, 2021

I have a special spot in my heart for the Hitman series. Hell, Hitman was my Game of the Year in 2016, and with good reason. It was amusing, creative, packed with content, and most important of all, fun. Hitman 3 brings the World of Assassination to a close with a swan song; it takes what made the series great and gives us more.

Ed Acosta’s Top 10 Games of 2020

Dec 31, 2020

In a year, where everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, people have flocked to their hobbies. Anything to help them escape the turmoil of modern life in 2020; entertainment has become more valuable to us than ever. It’s a weird year to make a list of 10 games. Knowing that this hobby is small potatoes when compared to the scale of things happening this year. But here we are, 10 of the best games that Ed has played to help him navigate these coarse waters of 2020.

Watch Dogs: Legion Review

Dec 07, 2020

Watch Dogs: Legion is set in a dystopian future, years after the events of Watch Dogs 2. Legion’s world is loaded to the brim with content like its predecessor and yet, still brings some new and exciting features to the table. I only wished I liked London as a setting more.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review

Nov 16, 2020

After a year away from the franchise, Ubisoft is back with another Assassin’s Creed title, Valhalla. It’s Ninth century England, and the battle between the Assassins and the Templar is just as fierce as it has ever been. Building upon and fine-tuning the gameplay seen in Origins and Odyssey, Valhalla is the best in this trilogy of RPG centric Assassin’s Creed games, but is it the best Assassin’s title so far?