Death’s Door Review

Aug 20, 2021

Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve have teamed up again to bring us one of the best indie titles this year. Back in 2015, they worked together to publish one of my favorites of that year, Titan Souls. After playing through Death’s Door, you can feel the similarities, and I love it.

Titan Souls Review

Jun 09, 2015

If you know me, you know I hate games that make me frustrated. Typically that’s resevered for games that become so difficult that it takes me out of the world and instantly I lose any enjoyment. Then there are difficult games that can still be hard and frustrating but keep me engaged. A recent example of this being the Dark Souls series. Even with endless deaths and angry glares aimed at my TV screen, I can pin point my frustration of failure at my hands, not at bad design. There has been only one other game so far this year that has invoked that same sense of frustration, but kept me coming back for more like I was its, um, well let’s not go there.